"In my culture, curly hair is considered to be bad... I had to push through a lot of battles with my family."

With disapproving peers and the love for the flat-iron, Isamar finally lets her curls blossom. Remember, you do what you've got to do for you. If that's to hurt people in the process of returning natural, that is not your fault! Be YOU.

Meet Isamar from the Queens, NY. She shares her troubles and struggles when ditching the flat iron once and for all. But, as we all know... It was totally worth it. Just look at her curls - you go, Isamar!

The Journey

What inspired you to return natural?

My name is Isamar. I live in Queens, New York but my parents are originally from the Dominican Republic. I began my natural hair journey in July 2017 because I had come across the page of big curl care brands, so I decided to get a haircut and gave up my flat iron.

Growing up with curly hair was hard because in my culture, curly hair is considered to be “bad” hair so I did have to push through a lot of battles with family asking me when I was going to “fix” my hair, meaning when was I going to straighten it.

I’ve learned to care to for my hair and truly love my curls. Caring for my curls has its ups and downs and some days are harder than others. I love to help others embrace their natural curls as well. A lot of my friends ask me for hair advice because I have made it a priority to learn about hair products and their ingredients. Flora & Curl is one of the brands that I always recommend because of the amazing ingredients and amazing results.

What were the challenges (if any) along the way of your healthy hair journey?

The hardest part in the beginning was trying to figure out which products I should or should not use. My hair is fine, which meant I needed to find products that were on the lighter side, as well as not applying too much product. I was using the heaviest products in the market so I felt like I was failing but once I started experimenting, my hair started thriving! Another challenge I faced was finding the perfect balance between moisture and protein.

What is your number 1 curl tip?

Do not be afraid of experimenting and trying new things! Your hair changes over the course of the months.

Discovering Flora & Curl

What made you buy Flora & Curl products? How did you hear about us?

I found Flora & Curl through Instagram. It came up as an ad on my page. When I looked at the page, I felt like I needed to try it!

How did you see your hair change after using Flora & Curl products?

My curls were super hydrated and my curls became spirals! I absolutely fell in love with the results!

Which Flora & Curl product is your favourite and why?

My favourite Flora & Curl product is the Rose Water Cream Conditioner. I always add it to my mixture of deep conditioner.

What is your current Flora & Curl haircare routine?

I start with the Citrus Superfruit Radiance Shampoo in the shower and then use the Rose Water Cream Conditioner I’m out of the shower, and I apply the Sweet Hibiscus Curl Activating Lotion in sections. When the Sweet Hibiscus Curl Activating Lotion is all applied, I scrunch in the Sweet Hibiscus Curl Defining Gel and air dry or diffuse (it depends on the weather and how much time I have before bed.)

What sets Flora & Curl apart from other brands/products on the market? 

Flora & Curl is amazing because it’s all botanical products. I love the natural ingredients in it.

Isamar... WOW. Thank you so much for sharing your curl story with us! What a beautiful transition. We are so happy that you found yourself; your true curly self. You're inspiring people, you do realise that? We're super proud of you.

Return natural, readers... It really is worth it. Click here to read more Curl Journeys and get inspired! Want to share your curl journey? We would really love to hear it; click here to get involved in this great cause.

Naturally Yours, 

The Team at Flora & Curl 

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