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Superfruit hair oil

Love it. The smell is subtle and delicious. The combination of oils gives it a soft and easy consistency without greasiness. Only a little needed. I have 4c textured hair and my hair agrees with it. Thumbs up from me!!

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Fine gel

The gel smells amazing and defines my curls well, although for me it is probably better as refreshment bc the hold is not that strong for my curls.

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Mini Essentials Curl Kit

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Lovely products

For the first time I feel like I’ve not got product overload. The curl cream didnt give me full curl definition and the miniature didn’t allow me to use more. I loved the curl gel though. Will be buying more.

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I have been enjoying using this shampoo along with the conditioner on my wash days. I’m very impressed with the excellent quality of the two products especially when used together! I would definitely recommend it!

Customer Curl Journeys

Read inspiring stories from our Customers about their curl journey. They share the lessons, insights and changes they made and how they began embracing their natural curls with the help of Flora & Curl plant-powered haircare products. We also share the products that they have used to achieve their curl goals!

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"I decided to embrace my natural hair after years of damage using a diffuser and straighteners."

Serla shares her journey on returning natural as she ditches the straighteners and diffusers and instead heals her 'very prone to breakage' (at the time) curls. Now, she swears by using only the best products, hence why she has never left F&C out of her regimen!

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"In my culture, curly hair is considered to be bad... I had to push through a lot of battles with my family."

With disapproving peers and the love for the flat-iron, Isamar finally lets her curls blossom. Remember, you do what you've got to do for you. If that's to hurt people in the process of returning natural, that is not your fault! Be YOU.

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"People say what they want regardless, so embrace your curls and take pride in it."

As a result of being bullied for her curl type and frizz, Shruti would cry herself to sleep as part of her night time routine. Now? She's proud of her curls and has learnt so much along the way - let's take a look at how she persevered.

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"I never left the house feeling happy with my appearance... Now I have fallen in love with my natural curls."

From never leaving the house feeling happy with her appearance, Poppy's confidence finally shone through when she accepted her natural curl pattern. Definitely an inspirational story if you need a kick-start to returning natural.

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"My curls were dull and didn't last very long before using F&C products!"

Ellie found it hard finding the right products to help with her transition, but now she has her go-to's at the ready and is learning more about her natural curls! 

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"I feel so much more confident in myself now that my hair looks great and is really healthy!"

...2 years down the line and Isabelle's natural curl pattern has returned and styling with heat is a major no-no! Just what we love to hear! 

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"If their mum can't embrace her curls and be confident then they will have the same negative feelings about curls."

Mum of two curly girls learns to embrace her curls for her little girls! Billie believes that loving your curls is important, especially when implementing a positivity in your children who have curls too. Young Billie always straightened her curls, not anymore!

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"I’m now 10 months into CGM and even more obsessed and in love with my hair!"

Farheen, from Mumbai India, shares her natural curly journey with us. Farheen finds the time to give her curls much needed TLC in lockdown, however experiences excess shedding due to her medication. How did she keep those curls healthy? Read more to find out! 

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"Hair is as individual as the person whose head it grows on."

Recently-turned curly girl from Newcastle-upon Tyne, UK, Sarah shares her curl journey with us. She embraced her curls during the first lock down and has since been loving all things curly haircare. An advocate for all things natural, Sarah shares her love for F&C too!