Customer Curl Journeys

Read the stories from Flora & Curl customers about their curl transformation journey as they share what inspired them to embrace their curls and the lessons learned along their journeys. They also share how they have cared for their natural curls with the help of Flora & Curl.

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"Flora & Curl products literally changed my life in one wash!"

Meet Lydia from Oxford, UK! Lydia shares how she went from flat ironing her hair like a "steamroller on tarmac for the best part of 5 years," to having the "good fortune of coming across Flora & Curl" products!

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"No one’s hair is the same, it took me a few years to figure my hair out. And now my wash days are much easier."

Meet Cheryl from Norfolk, UK! Can you believe that Cheryl straightened her hair for well over 15 years? Nope, neither can we. Look at how healthy her curls are now?! Absolutely stunning, right?!

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"All of my colleagues, friends and family love my hair now."

Meet Stefani from stunning Cyprus! Stefani is 29 years old and works as a data analyst. But when she's not working hard on her career aspirations, she's learning more about her wonderful curls! We're obsessed with this transformation. 

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"Last summer I purchased my first products and it was an awakening! Now my scalp is really healthy and my curls are forming nicely!"

Meet Clara, 22 from France! Clara shares her journey on the road to scalp redemption as she calls quits on tight and high-manipulative hairstyles to let her scalp and curls flourish. 

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"I bought a couple of products from Flora & Curl and my frizz went!"

Meet Laiba from London, UK! This curlie decided to make a huge decision at 13 (that I think most of us wish we had made). She put down the straighteners and decided that enough was enough! Now, 14 year old Laiba has finally got her healthy hair in just a year! We're feeling inspired by this journey!

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"Not every curl is perfect! Perfection is not everything."

Meet Becky from the West Midlands in the UK! From being teased in school about her natural hair colour and texture, to loving her curls like never before, Becky shares her ongoing discovery of self-love and acceptance and we are here for it

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"Knowing my frizzy waves were undefined curls changed my life forever."

Meet Mariana who is currently living in fabulous France! Mariana had always seemed to struggle with her hair, until she finally found out that her "frizzy waves were undefined curls." This happens more often than not! So make sure you check to see if you're hiding a curly secret in your hair! 

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"I wouldn't trade my hair for the world."

Meet Diana from Los Angeles! Diana shares her story on how she started to love her curls in the middle of the pandemic. While straighteners weren't needed, her curls began to flourish and she stayed true to her beautiful curls and now flaunts them full-time!

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"...And that’s when it hit me. What sort of example am I setting for a little one? That's when I took action to really embrace my own hair."

Meet Lauren from Birmingham, UK! This curly found self-love through becoming a role model for her curly step-daughter. We're not crying, you are! 

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