Founder's Story

Hello! My name is Rose, and I am the Founder of Flora & Curl haircare.

I made a transforming decision to embrace my natural hair. Before this decision came about, my hair and scalp had been badly damaged following many years of chemically processing and straightening my natural hair since I was little. In fact, it was the norm to keep the straightening relaxer cream on my entire strands for more than the hour, which would leave my scalp burnt and sore afterward. I would apply this to my hair every month. I soon realised that this shouldn't be the way forward if I wanted my hair to be truly healthy. I needed to embrace my curls, and I felt moved to do so after a spontaneous long break away from using the relaxer.

When I began researching products to use on my new hair growth which was incredibly dry, I discovered that many products on the market were formulated with low quality ingredients or harsh ingredients. From drying alcohols in gels or harsh detergents in shampoos that stripped moisture, or heavy fillers that led to constant product build-up, I felt that nothing ever seemed to treat my hair with the love and care that I felt that it deserved. In addition, I would often feel confused by reading complicated and complex product labels or using products that required a multitude of different steps to follow. While working full-time and also wanting to maintain healthy natural hair, I thought that embracing my natural hair shouldn't have to be this complicated or time-consuming.

And so, I launched a blog to further the discussion about healthy textured hair and to share my natural hair journey. In doing so, I was able to connect with an amazing community of people who were learning about their natural curls while transitioning into healthy habits. Soon after my blog gained traction with subscribers, I randomly posed a question one day: “What is your biggest hair problem?” I received more than 300 responses! The majority of responses were concerned with recurring dry hair. I could certainly relate to this.

In addition to this, there was a shared frustration about where to even begin, and how to start and manage a healthy haircare routine that did not take so much time. The idea of developing my very own haircare line blossomed from there. 

I embarked on a journey to restore the health of my hair and scalp using pure and raw ingredients through specific products that achieved specific results and goals in my routine. 

Eager to experiment to find my solution, I began sourcing plant-based ingredients from around the world, from Brazilian oils to Ghanaian butters and botanical ingredients. I created my butters and haircare gels and recipes in my mum’s kitchen. I quickly discovered that there was a whole new world of gentle, all-natural remedies for very dry, textured hair like my own. I chose the freedom in cutting my natural hair, trying out different scents in essential oils, and began making D.I.Y recipe videos. I ultimately learned how to take care of my natural hair from a minimalist perspective that was radically different from the norm. This inspired me to develop my line of products that were essentially inspired by potency and simplicity.

While I was designing my website with the inclusion of beautifully hand-drawn botanicals by a local artist (I adored her work!), I knew that I wanted to distinguish my brand, in an industry prone to green-washed marketing and heavy ingredient claims. Studies continue to show that the textured haircare market still contains many hazardous and harmful ingredients compared to its counterpart (EWG & Silent Spring Institute). But the trouble doesn’t end with conventional haircare products. A report by the EWG notes that ''although “natural” hair products presumably have fewer toxic ingredients than traditional, many of these products still contain potentially harmful ingredients''.

Flora & Curl is moisture-centred (our curls love moisture!), and made with a clean consciousness through our Clean Curl Promise™. My products thrive with potency and plant-powered ingredients (mineral clays, flower and fruit oils, organic waters and herbs). To create an aromatherapeutic curl care range, I formulated my products with my favourite blend of floral, herbal and fruit-derived essences.

While designing my labels, I knew that I didn't want to create a line that was overly complicated or that required complex steps to yield effective results. 

My philosophy? Less is more.

Whether you are new to natural hair or are a long-time natural, my haircare collection is goal-oriented and delivers a clean and minimalist approach to take care of your natural hair and reach your curl goals. With the help of potent formulas to hydrate, soothe, protect, and style your curls, each product serves its own unique purpose in your routine.

The scent and feel have been carefully crafted, to ensure that your everyday curl care experience is a sensorial and aromatherapeutic delight. I truly believe that haircare is self-care and that our curls deserves the best!

In our growing curl community, we have created a space for self-care, transitioning your curls, simplifying curl education, and the importance of the natural hair movement in inspiring us to embrace our naturally given hair.

I love to hear from my customers, so please get in touch if you have any questions at all!

With love, 

Rose- Signature
Flora & Curl Haircare