"Flora & Curl products literally changed my life in one wash!"

Meet Lydia from Oxford, UK! Lydia shares how she went from flat ironing her hair like a "steamroller on tarmac for the best part of 5 years," to having the "good fortune of coming across Flora & Curl" products!

Meet Lydia from Oxford, UK! Lydia shares how she went from flat ironing her hair like a "steamroller on tarmac for the best part of 5 years," to having the "good fortune of coming across Flora & Curl" products!

The Journey

What inspired you to return natural?

Hi! I’m Lydia, I live in Oxford, England. I remember growing up always thinking that my hair had that natural ‘kink’ we all know and love right at the top of your hair at the back. Well to resolve this and restore my seemingly ‘straight’ hair I absolutely flat ironed my hair like a steamroller on tarmac for the best part of 5 years. A little while (and a lot of damage) later I went on holiday and forgot my trusty paddle hairbrush, resorting to only using a wide toothed comb and hope to ensure my pin straight follicles lived on.

Alas, after going in the sea, providing that lovely salt spray effect, my hair bounced up like it was scared of something on the floor and my curl journey began. I essentially realised I had some form of curly hair! Cue the relentless researching of curl types, porosity and how to actually manage curly hair without looking like I had been electrocuted. The challenge lasted a while and was significant trial and error with other products that is, until I had the good fortune of coming across Flora & Curl. Their products literally changed my life in one wash, it was incredible and I can never thank them enough for creating such holy grail products all in one place!

What were the challenges (if any) along the way of your healthy hair journey?

I encountered many challenges during my curl journey, but most notably was chlorine damage. I was a swimmer at the time and so frequented delightfully chlorinated pools on the regular, removing the build up was the real issue. But with a lot of patience and clarifying later, I managed to overcome this problem.

What is your number 1 curl tip?

Embrace your curls in whatever form they come in. And water is your best friend!

Discovering Flora & Curl

What made you buy Flora & Curl products? How did you hear about us?

I adored the packaging (I’m a sucker for some pretty colours) and I just had to try them. Also having a full range dedicated to curlies was just too good to miss.

How did you see your hair change after using Flora & Curl products?

Absolutely. The difference in volume, shine, shape was above my expectations.

Which Flora & Curl product is your favourite and why?

The Sweet Hibiscus Curl Defining Gel! But I am incredibly excited to try the new Rose Water & Honey Molasses Moisture Mask!

What is your current Flora & Curl haircare routine?

I wash my hair, apply the Flora & Curl Rose Water Cream Conditioner as leave in, apply a handful of the Sweet Hibiscus Curl Volumizing Foam, followed by the Sweet Hibiscus Curl Activating Lotion and finishing with the Sweet Hibiscus Curl Defining Gel.

What sets Flora & Curl apart from other brands/products on the market? 

The smell, packaging and overall quality, also the cost is a major win.

Thank you for sharing your journey with us, Lydia! We are so glad that you saw the beauty in your curls! They are absolutely divine, don't ever forget it!

If you're one of our loyal curly customer's why not share your curl journey with us? We'd love to hear your story! And if you're a newbie here, welcome! Get inspired even more by giving our Customer Curl Journey page a browse! 

Naturally Yours, 
The Team at Flora & Curl

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