How To Define Your Curls For Maximum Definition

We are sometimes hard on ourselves when creating the ‘perfect’ ringlets or ‘super defined’ coils. But don’t worry curlfriends, we’ve put together some of our best tips for achieving maximum definition that will work for all curls.

How To Define Your Curls For Maximum Definition How To Define Your Curls For Maximum Definition

If you had to choose between length or definition, what would you pick? That is the million-dollar question. I would go for definition. There’s something rather satisfying about seeing my cute coils shiny and super defined. Well, what if I told you, you could have it all? There are a few methods that you can do to help achieve the ultimate maximum definition for your curls and coils without having to compromise on your other hair goals. Why not give these 7 tips below a try!

Tip 1: Start Fresh

No matter what your hair type, cleansing and conditioning your curls and scalp is the first step in your routine that will set your hair up for the rest of the wash day process. For us naturalistas, curlier hair tends to be drier than other hair types, as the natural oils take longer to travel down the hair shaft - this is why moisture throughout is important. 

Make sure to keep your hair well moisturised by cleansing with a moisturising shampoo like our Rose Water Cream Shampoo packed with Pro-vitamin B to hydrate dry and dehydrated curls and follow up with our  Rose Water Cream Conditioner to strengthen and restore moisture. For a more intensive treatment, our Rose Water Molasses Moisture Mask will do just the trick.

Tip 2: Take The Time To Detangle 

Have you ever come across knots and tangles while applying products to your curls? If yes, then you are not the only one. Taking the time to detangle your curls before applying your products will prevent even less tangles and make the application of your products much smoother without disturbing your curls throughout. 

Tip 3: Dry Your Curls With A Gentle Curl Towel

There’s nothing worse than roughing up your curls and causing unnecessary damage and frizz by using a material that is not curl friendly. A soft cotton towel is your new best friend when it comes to caring for your damp hair, it removes excess water or product without sucking out any of the extra moisture or causing frizz. 

Tip 4: Section Your Curls Before Applying Your Products

Applying your products in sections will give you a much better definition overall. Depending on your hair type, try splitting your hair into 6 to 8 sections. This will ensure that no parts of your hair will be missed. I promise you - sectioning your hair is a game changer! 

Tip 5: What Products To Use

The key to achieving more definition is all in the products you choose to use. Layering and using the right products on wet hair can really make a big difference. Curl enhancing products such as our Rose Water Detangling Lotion will give your curls a soft hold, yet leave your curls smooth, shiny and bouncy. Now, you could just stop there, but for a more defined style, layering your hair with a gel on top of the lotion will cause your curls to clump even more while encouraging instant curl and coil formation. Our Sweet Hibiscus Curl Defining Gel is the perfect partner for stronger definition and hold. A gel will also help to reduce frizz and add shine.

Tip 6: Techniques

Different techniques will often show different results. There are a few methods that you could use to help aid in definition. These are:

  • Finger coiling - This is a great way to encourage the curl and create ringlets. Take a piece of hair, smooth it down and start to roll your curl from the bottom around and in between your two fingers. Once at the root of your hair, gently remove your fingers and let your curl fall naturally as it spirals down.

  • Brush styling - Brush through each section of your hair to make the curls clump and distribute the product evenly. Pinching small sections of hair at the root while brushing diagonally will provide bigger and more defined curl clumps.

  • Squish to condish (but using your stylers) - Often heard whilst conditioning, this is one method to try with your stylers. This method will ensure your curls are saturated with product whilst encouraging your curls to form. Cup your hands together with a small amount of hair, and gently scrunch curls upwards.

  • Rake and squeeze - From top to bottom, feed your curls in between your fingers and run your fingers down the shaft of your hair, squeezing to create curl clumps. 
  • Tip 7: Diffuse For Maximum Volume

    Diffusing is one of the best tricks in the book for achieving volume, definition and less frizz. Not to mention, this method also cuts down your drying time. There are two main methods when it comes to diffusing your curls. Hover Diffusing - this is where you hover the nozzle around your curls without touching the diffuser. Another popular method is Pixie Diffusing, this requires you to place each section of hair directly onto the diffuser head and hold it in place.

    Bonus Tip: Protect Your Curls While You Sleep

    A satin pillowcase and simple pineapple with gentle accessories like Satin Scrunchies are three things that will help preserve your curl definition overnight. 

    How do you make your curls more defined? We hope these tips help you to achieve the ultimate definition. Give these tips a try to achieve soft, bouncy and defined curls. Tell us your favourite Flora & Curl products you have used to achieve this.

    Naturally yours,
    The Team at Flora & Curl

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