How To Care For Your Braids on Wash Day

September 02, 2018 Curl Tips 🌀 by Rose Ovensehi

Care For Your Braids on Wash Day

Protective styling means we get to postpone wash day a little longer, right? But when do we know when the right time is to wash our tresses? The first tip to note is keep it simple and hydrating to care for your hair and scalp.

1. How to cleanse your braids

Once braids are submerged in water they can become very heavy, therefore it is best to first wash your scalp out of the shower. Simply mix a little shampoo with some water in a spray bottle to help access your scalp. We recommend using our Coconut Mint Scalp Refresh Shampoo to deeply cleanse with scalp soothing botanicals for maximum hydration. 

You don't have to put the shampoo on the length of your braids as the lather it creates will be sufficient enough to run down and cleanse the rest of your braids. And if you're not too fond of shampoo as a whole, cleanse your scalp with a clarifying rinse using Apple Cider Vinegar.

2. To condition, or not to condition?

It may be harder to condition your hair and scalp when you have braids, but do not skip this step! It doesn't have to be hard to achieve and not only will your hair reap the benefits of a condition, so will your scalp.

Conditioning is a step of adding moisture back into our strands after the shampooing process. It smoothens the hairs cuticles resulting in shiny and hydrated hair. Deep conditioning goes one step further by helping to reduce breakage and repairing the hairs cuticle.

Opt for either our Coconut Mint Curl Refresh Conditioner to restore hydration of the scalp and hair or the Rose Water & Honey Conditioner to restore hydration of the strands. To deep condition your curls use our 2 in 1 Insulated Shower Cap — a curly favourite that can't seem to stay on our shelves! 

3. Hydrate and seal

Hydrate your hair after part drying, using a liquidised leave-in will add in more moisture. You may water down the Rose Water & Honey Leave-In Detangler to restore hydration.

Seal in the natural hydration from our plant-powered recipes with the African Citrus Bloom Superfruit Hair Oil to keep your hair protected from external environmental agents such as harsh UV rays. A little goes a very long way and the smell is just mesmerising. Your hair and scalp will feel energetic and smell like a botanical explosion of juicy citrus fruits!

Additionally, our Jasmine Oasis Hydrating Hair Mist is the perfect solution for dry, dehydrated hair and our Coconut Mint Scalp Refresh Mist helps keep your scalp cooled, soothed and hydrated. You can also use these two refreshing mists daily to help combat dry hair, sore and itchy scalp and to replenish the moisture in your braids too. 

How do you care for your braids? We're curious. Let us know in the comments section below.

Naturally yours,
The Team at Flora & Curl

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