Tools A Curly Girl Can't Live Without

5 Hair Tools A Curly Girl Can't Live Without

October 28, 2018

From wide tooth combs, to heat caps and head scarfs, we probably have more than what we actually need. But what if I was tell you that out of everything, all you really need are the essential 5.

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Grow Your Tresses & Retain Length

4 Tips To Grow Your Tresses & Retain Length

September 16, 2018

Who doesn't want long healthy curls. It's true what people say, the health of your hair is more important than hanging onto 'damaged' length, but we can always have both right? We share our 4 tips for length retention and healthy hair growth.

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Care For Your Braids on Wash Day

How To Care For Your Braids on Wash Day

September 02, 2018

Wash day while protective styling doesn't have to be challenging. A simple routine is all you need.

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Coconut Oil For Natural Curly Hair

The Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Natural Hair

August 10, 2018

Are you coco for Coconuts and as obsessed as we are?

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Flower Garden Hair Butter

Flower Power With Our Garden Hair Butter

July 27, 2018 1 Comment

Discovering nature's treat to restore bounce and radiance to your everyday styles, you will never have to worry about dry hair again. Not only does this highly concentrated butter give great shine, you only need a small amount to nourish your strands and give your hair the extra moisture it needs.

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Natural hair moisturiser

Keep Your Curls Moisturised By Staying Hydrated

July 17, 2018

How are you keeping your curls moisturised this summer?

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Getting Rid Of Dandruff For Natural Curly Hair

Getting Rid Of Dandruff For Natural Curly Hair

July 08, 2018

If you've ever suffered from dandruff, then you know what a pain it can be. Flaking, itching and by the end of it having a tender scalp. But what exactly is dandruff and how can we get rid of it?

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Natural Hair Shampoo for Summer

3 Tips For A Quick Summer Wash Day Routine

July 02, 2018

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Curly Hair Travel Essentials | Flora & Curl Haircare

Curly Hair Travel Essentials: 5 Things You Just Can't Live Without

June 03, 2018

There are 5 essential things us curly girls should travel with to make our travel experience easier. Can you guess what they are?

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