Set Your Curls Up For Success By Staying Consistent With Your Regimen With Our Top 5 Easy Tips

December 23, 2021 Lifestyle Health & Wellness 🧖🏾‍♀️ by Brittany Knight

Set Your Curls Up For Success By Staying Consistent With Your Regimen With Our Top 5 Easy Tips

Do you dread wash days? Or perhaps you find it hard to stay consistent? Creating an organised schedule can help with that and our top 5 tips will most definitely help you to transform this thought process.

1. Time your wash days

Understand how long your wash day typically takes and slot it into your schedule.

2. Prep your products

Minimise the time of choosing products on wash day and prep your products, tools and accessories the night before.

3. Skincare and haircare are both just as important

Skincare is so important. That's why we cleanse, tone and moisturise our face daily. A lot of us also set time aside to experiment with face masks and serums, but why does our hair come second? It really shouldn't. Our scalp and hair need just as much love as our skin does, after all, the scalp is part of our skin and our hair grows from it, so start to prioritise your haircare regimen the way you do with your skincare routine. 

4. Sleep and treat 

Treat your curls to a pre-shampoo treatment and leave this on your scalp and curls until the next morning. Not only will this cut down the time prepping for your much-needed wash day, but it will also allow for your hair to receive all of the benefits overnight without rushing and manipulating your curls in a short space of time.

Easy. Pre-shampoo with either the African Citrus Bloom Superfruit Hair Oil or the Coconut Mint Scalp Refresh Shampoo and cover your curls with a satin bonnet while you sleep to keep your product locked in and to deter manipulation from your cotton pillowcase. 

Don't have a satin bonnet? Or perhaps you're not too keen on the idea? Opt for a satin pillowcase, you can get some super cheap deals on Amazon! 

5. Enjoy your wash day

While you have got your deep conditioner on, why not read a book? Make wash day all about you and treat it as a self-care day, because that's exactly what it is! 

And another important factor is understanding what products to use in your regimen. You can now build your best haircare regimen with our recommended routine to finally meet your curl goals healthily and naturally.

How do you like to minimise your wash day efforts and stay consistent?

We'd love to hear your tips and tricks in the comments section below! 

Naturally Yours, 
The Team at Flora & Curl

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