A Beginners Guide To Detangling

May 31, 2019 Curl Tips 🌀 by Rose Ovensehi

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Wash day is here and one of the most important steps comes with a price of pain and hair loss. But it doesn't have to be like that! Make your wash day detangling a breeze with minimal hair fall with our beginners guide to detangling carefully and gently.

There are three main points to remember when detangling:

  1. Never detangle while your hair is dry. We want to keep our length - not create breakage.
  2. Always make sure you work in smaller sections.
  3. Always detangle from the ends of your hair and gradually move upwards.

Detangling Tools

There are many tools to pick from to help make our detangling sessions flow with ease, minimal pain and hair fall. Here are just a few of our favourites:

Curl combs, brushes and picks can help detangle your curls with minimal breakage and hair fall. Using your fingers can be time-consuming, but you have all the control when feeling for those tangles or separating those knots apart. Your fingers are a much gentler approach to detangling. The technique, however, is what is most important when using one or more of these tools.


Remember, the last thing you want is for your hair to be dry while detangling, so products like an ultra-hydrating hair mist, a water-based moisturiser or a conditioner (after cleansing) will help add slip and minimise tears.

When using these tools and products together, it can lessen pain and melt away existing tangles which will, in turn, make the hair easier to work with. The thickness of your hair will depend on how much product you need to use.

The Detangling Process

1) Firstly section your hair into however many sections you feel comfortable with (4 being the minimum). Sectioning your hair will help keep your detangling efforts organised. It will also deter pain and hair fall by ensuring each section is thoroughly detangled.

2) You want to make sure your hair is wet to damp from water or your Jasmine Oasis Hair Mist. Use your fingers to work the water (or mist) into your hair strands. Now use your moisturiser or conditioner to help aid in smoothing out the tangles. Make sure you gently free any tangles with your fingers, separating the hair apart.

3) You can then use a detangling tool like our Gentle Curl Comb or Gentle Fro Pick. Continue to gently comb through your hair until your comb can pass through the entire hair shaft easily. Make sure you are detangling from ends to roots to minimise breakage and hair fall.

4) Twist each section to keep your hair tangle-free and repeat the process on the next section. 

Whichever your device, these tools are a great addition to your hair regime. Detangling shouldn't be painful if doing so correctly with the right tools that suit your hair. How do you detangle effectively? 

Naturally yours,
Team Flora & Curl

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