What Are The Benefits of Pre Pooing?

December 19, 2018 Product Tips 🧴 by Bold Commerce Collaborator

Benefits of Pre Pooing - Oil For Curly Hair

Curly, wavy and coily people around the world are embracing their natural hair more than ever. With that being said, taking care of our curls and retaining moisture on wash day is very important. This is where pre-pooing can come into our weekly wash day routines. For us to know the benefits of pre-pooing, we first need to know what it is:

Pre-shampooing is a conditioning treatment used on your hair before shampooing, hence the term pre-poo. This process helps protect your natural hair from the shampooing process, and reduces the likeliness of your hair being stripped of its natural oils.

The many ways of pre-pooing include:

The process consists of sectioning and applying a lightweight oil or conditioner to your hair and scalp. Since water causes the hair to swell and expand, it is a great way for any product to penetrate the hair strands. Leaving the conditioner or oil on for a short period of time or over night, will help soften the hair and help with the detangling process. This can be done by using a shower cap, cling film (saran wrap) and using your own body heat or, using a heat cap like our 2 in 1 Insulated Shower Cap or opting for a hooded dryer/steamer. 

So what are the benefits of pre-pooing, and how can it help our hair strands?


Using an oil or light conditioner prior to shampooing will not only help soften the hair, but will improve manageability. Your product of choice gives your hair the slip it needs in order to gently remove all of those knots and tangles. This is very beneficial for all hair types, especially kinky and coily textures where the hair strands are closely knitted together. Washing your hair in sections will help with the cleansing process as this will help to prevent breakage and tangles too.

Provides Moisture

Retaining moisture for any curly can be difficult. Especially with type 4 textures. A pre-poo treatment can add extra moisture by creating a shield-like barrier to prevent moisture loss while shampooing. This can be benefiting to your hair strands as it helps restore moisture to the hair and scalp.

Improves Manageability 

As pre-pooing helps soften the hair, it helps the hair strands to become more manageable while doing any type of manipulation. This includes washing and styling, and decreases the chance of breakage. Our hair needs can change from one thing to the next, so a certain pre-poo treatment this week might differ from the week before. 

If you find that your hair is extremely dry, you suffer from breakage or you find it difficult and time consuming to detangle your hair, then why not try pre-pooing? Have you tried our African Citrus Superfruit Hair Oil?

Our African Citrus Superfruit Hair Oil is a powerful concentration of antioxidant-rich botanical oils and is a multi-tasking hair saviour. It can be used as a pre-poo, an overnight hot oil treatment and a frizz minimising serum that also works brilliantly as a defense against damages caused by the sun, sea and chlorinated water. This supercharged blend is concocted with African Saharan plant oils of Jojoba, Kalahari, Crambe and Baobab, prized for their antioxidant richness and UV-protective properties to restore hair's natural sheen. 

A truly nourishing hair oil without silicones such as cyclopentasiloxane. Instead, this concentrated hair wellness blend is fortified with fruit oils of Tangerine, Papaya, Avocado and Watermelon, helping your curls retain moisture, whilst enveloping each strand in an invisible, non-greasy, protective layer. It leaves curls feeling softer and shiny while giving off the sweetest, invigorating scent found in no other hair product. Our African Citrus Superfruit Hair Oil helps:

  1. SEALING - 10+ Antioxidant-rich oils instantly seal in moisture
  2. SMOOTHENING - Enhances natural sheen to create high shine and silkiness while reducing frizz
  3. REPAIRING - Protects against split ends, environmental damage and breakage
  4. PROTECTING - Effective protection from harmful UV rays and heat, such as straighteners and hair dryers.
  5. STIMULATES HAIR GROWTH - Vitamin C-rich fruit infusion balances and purifies the scalp
  6. BALANCING - Naturally soothes dry and itchy scalp
  7. Perfect formula for dry, dull, and damaged hair and scalp

A curly essential to keep your curls protected, radiant, soft and smooth.

Naturally yours, 
Team Flora & Curl

Bold Commerce Collaborator
Bold Commerce Collaborator


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