Lockdown Natural Curls, and The Celebs Who Are Embracing Them

March 08, 2021 Pop Culture 🤩 by brittany knight

Lockdown Natural Curls, and The Celebs Who Are Embracing Them

Most people, including celebrities are into protective styling. Whether it be wigs, weaves or braids, it can sometimes be an easier way to protect and style your curls.

So when lockdown hit, gone were the days of going to the salon, and now we say hello to becoming our own personal stylist. As people become more comfortable with their natural texture, there has been no better time than now to really get to know your natural coils and curls.

So, let’s take a look at some of the celebrities that are embracing their natural coils and curls while during lock down.

Gabrielle Union-Wade


Instagram @gabunion

“When your natural locks appreciate the lock down.”

Appreciating her natural hair in all its forms, Gabrielle knows what taking care of your hair really means.

Yara Shahidi



“I am most “Yara” when my curls are doing what they do! I have never had the same hairstyle twice because my curls have their own personality.”

Being naturalistas, I think we can all agree with this one. Her curly tresses really show just how versatile natural hair can be. Now is the time to be exploring our curls, not hiding them.

Tamera Mowry-Housley


Instagram @tameramowrytwo

“Decided to let the curls out.”

From a young age, Tamera has always shown her natural hair, especially when she starred in the hit US sitcom Sister, Sister with her twin sister Tia.

Cardi B     



“Look at my hair.....wow, I’m so proud of myself.”

The whole internet went crazy when rapper Cardi B showed off her natural tresses. For someone who is known for wearing colourful wigs, she has definitely found the trick of taking care of her natural hair, and I think we all know what that is. Her famous DIY avocado hair mask. I mean, as naturals, who doesn’t love a bit of DIY.

How have you found caring for your natural curls during lock down?

Naturally Yours,
The Team at Flora & Curl

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