How to Protect Your Curls Against The Summer Sun

It's time to get summer ready, and we are here to help you get your beautiful tresses prepared for some of your summer plans!
Summer natural curly hair products Summer natural curly hair products
It's time to get summer ready, and we are here to help you get your beautiful tresses prepared for some of your summer plans!

How to swim-proof your natural hair against chlorine

Chlorine in swimming pools can be drying if hair is not protected properly against it. Wherever you go swimming, remember to take these steps to keep your hair cared for in harsh water and warmer weather.

How UV rays affect your curls

Can UV light from the sun damage your hair? Short answer is yes. The radiological properties from this spectrum of light can breakdown protein bonds (effecting shine and strength), and fade pigmentation of hair color (ever wonder why you your hair gets "lighter" after a trip to the beach?)

But most of the damage caused by direct sunlight is simply due to the evaporation of the natural oils that keep it healthy and shiny.The heat and direct UV exposure causes much of these oils to evaporate off your scalp, taking away moisture and the natural sheen of your hair. This can cause it to become dry, brittle and frayed. Imagine how much more prone textured hair is to direct sunlight.

What you should do before swimming 

1. Coat Your Hair

Protect your hair by coating your strands with a rich oil formula or dense cream to provide a healthy layer of protection against the chlorine chemicals and the mineral-rich ocean. Saturate your hair with the Citrus Superfruit Radiance Oil to deliver UV/sunlight protection on the beach and the Sweet Hibiscus Twist & Braid Cream to employ more moisture and strengthening agents into the hair shaft.

The Citrus Superfruit Radiance oil is infused with Baobab, Kalahari and Papaya Oil

  • Baobab, Manketti and Kalahari Oils are sourced deep in the Sahara, and contain a high level of copper which helps the production of melanin and is responsible for keeping hair color intact.
  • Papaya Oil is extracted from the sweet and delicious papaya fruit seeds. It helps to repair split ends and is known to restrict dandruff and protects from ultraviolet rays.

2. Protective Style

This is key for your hair health as well as for your swimming performance! It doesn’t have to be braids with extensions, it can be as simple as putting your hair in cornrows or twists so that you reduce surface area. After oiling your hair, place it into twisted/braided sections to keep it from tangling before entering the pool.

What you should do after swimming 
Immediately after swimming, rinse or shampoo your hair in the shower and lightly condition with the Rose Water Cream Conditioner. This will rinse out the chlorine, salt and harsh minerals and prevent them from further drying out your hair. The Rose Water from the conditioner will help restore your hair's natural pH level.

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