How To Make Flora & Curl Work For You: The Gym Edition

The best way to move forward from the hivering and hovering of working up a sweat is to ensure you have a solid post-gym regimen.
African Citrus Superfruit Shampoo African Citrus Superfruit Shampoo

The beauty of natural hair means our hair is very versatile. During a workout, we can face regrets of working up a sweat, because we think of all the effort it took to get the perfect twist-out results with amazing definition. Although it shouldn't stop us from working out, sometimes it does. But don't worry, if you can get that definition popping once, you most definitely can do it again. The best way to move forward from the hivering and hovering of working up a sweat is to ensure you have a solid post-gym regimen.

After The Gym

Now, this is the important bit. If you are working out mid-week, then try opting for a co-wash (a conditioner-only wash). This will gently cleanse your curls and scalp while keeping moisture and avoiding some of the drying agents standard shampooing can cause.

Water rinsing or letting the steam from the shower penetrate your hair strands is also a good idea as it adds hydration by lightly refreshing the hair. After this, try adding our African Citrus Superfruit Hair Oil to seal in the moisture. 

If it's the end of the week, then a full cleansing wash day is just what the doctor ordered.

  1. Start with our Citrus Superfruit Radiance Oil to gently cleanse your curls and rid them of impurities and build-up, all while revitalising and restoring their shine and vitality.
  2. Lock in that moisture by following up with our Rose Water Detangling Lotion for a moisture boost. Use this product as a no-rinse conditioning treatment. Don't rinse the product out. Leave it in to restore moisture and add shine to dull and dry hair. 
  3. For extra moisture, you can choose to apply our Twist & Braid Cream or you can skip this step. Our luscious cream adds moisture, slip and shine back into the hair. It also helps with detangling and smoothing the hair strands. It is a heavier cream so use a little and add more as you go to avoid weighing down the hair (if you have fine hair).
  4. Lastly, finish with the Citrus Superfruit Radiance Oil to instantly seal in moisture and ends while adding shine and softness.

Whether it be one or all products, find a sequence that works for you and suits your hair type.

Need more help? Check out our other post where we talk about How To Maintain Your Curls While Working Out.

How do you maintain your hair regime while hitting it hard at the gym? We'd love to know. Share with us in the comments below!

Naturally Yours,
Team Flora & Curl

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