How To Enjoy Time At Home During Social Distancing

We understand that periods of uncertainty and information overload can make many people feel uneasy and out of a routine. We’ve rounded up a few ways to transform your home space into a relaxing avenue for self care and wellness.

How To Enjoy Time At Home During Social Distancing How To Enjoy Time At Home During Social Distancing

During this time with the evolving situation of COVID-19, we understand that it can make some people feel uneasy and out of a routine.

The Flora & Curl team is working from home, but we always love connecting with our curl community. We're truly grateful for the men and women who are keeping and sustaining a safer environment for us all - healthcare workers, janitorial workers, warehouse workers, truck drivers, delivery workers and others. We hope that you and your loved ones are doing well and staying safe during the period of physical distancing. Because we understand that words have power, we are using the term ''physical distancing'' rather than social distancing and many organisations are using this term too.

We have rounded up a few helpful ways to transform your home space into a relaxing avenue for self care and wellness:

Treat yourself to an at-home pamper

Nothing helps relax the mind like a warm shower or a hot bath and a bit of “me time.” While the spa would be the usual choice for a bit of relaxation, with the recommendation to self isolate on the top of everyone’s minds, opting for an at-home cleansing treatment is a free and comforting option. A little use of naturally scented bath bombs, or pure oils such as Sweet Almond and Coconut adds to the overall experience.

Take care of your hair

Don’t wind down on your haircare during this period. Use this time to discover a new technique or method that simplifies your haircare routine, or opt for a protective style (buns, braids, twists, pin ups) that gives you extra freedom to focus on the activities you need doing during the day. For example, if you styled your hair daily, try reducing the burden on your current schedule by reducing this.

That thing that you’ve wanted to do…

You’ve been curious about it for the past 3 months and you thought if only you had the extra time… Well, now you might do. Finishing that chapter in a book, learning a new baking recipe, trying water colouring, meditation, planting in the garden, or that new workout routine. Try something new and spark your curiosity with some extra time! Establishing a happy daily routine—like painting, baking, photography, etc. helps to keep you engaged in a hobby.

That thing that you don't have to do...

While it’s helpful to make a list every morning to keep one's focus during the day, to complete outstanding to-do’s and to keep the mind from wandering, it’s also helpful to take good and disciplined breaks.

Aim to practice self-awareness and gratitude during spontaneous moments of calm. Take out 5 to 10 minutes during your day to ground yourself daily and to do nothing at all. You can choose to reflect on your thoughts during these quiet moments in a personal journal. A time of quiet reflection, no news, no screens, and non-activity helps to soothe and relax the mind.

Once that’s done, feel free to do what makes you happy. Watching lots of “comfort TV”—like period dramas or comedy. Watching a show that makes me laugh (like The Office or Friends). Facetiming with a BFF and family (Talking about ANYTHING other than COVID). Reminding myself that some things I cannot control. Finding/listing things to be grateful for. Making playlists to dance to. Moving the body SOMEHOW. Burning a scented candle. Whatever activity that makes you feel relaxed and carefree, do it. For more ideas, checkout this helpful list compiled by Salesforce.

We hope you’ve found this guide helpful during these times. With gratitude and positivity, we can help ourselves and each other get through.

Naturally Yours,
Team Flora & Curl

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