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Excellent for adding slip and decreasing frizz!

I was hesitant to use a leave-in set angler because my hair is so fine and is often weighed-down by leave-in products and conditioners. I do rinse this product out just for a few seconds, and leave the rest in, but wow has it transformed my curls! I started using this, combined with the foam mousse, and just one or two pumps of the curl gel, and my curls have never looked better!!! Not planning to change a thing about this routine, which is really saying something because I swear I have to change my routine constantly because nothing seems to work. So I’m very happy with these products!

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Really good Made my curls look well conditioned

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Superfruit hair oil

Love it. The smell is subtle and delicious. The combination of oils gives it a soft and easy consistency without greasiness. Only a little needed. I have 4c textured hair and my hair agrees with it. Thumbs up from me!!

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Fine gel

The gel smells amazing and defines my curls well, although for me it is probably better as refreshment bc the hold is not that strong for my curls.

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Mini Essentials Curl Kit

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Braids (especially during the winter) ❄️

November 20, 2020

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Braids (especially during the winter) ❄️

Protective, cute and they last for 2 months – all while making sure those textured tresses are sealed away from external agents? Yes, sounds good to us!

1. Keep curls, kinks & coils protected

As we know, when the weather is cooler, the air has less humidity. Thus, restricting our textured tresses to collect the environments moisture. This means that we have to consistently ensure that our curls are getting extra TLC during the cooler climates. This is where braids play a healthy role.

As our curls, kinks and coils are wrapped away in beautiful braids, so is the moisture from our products. Allowing for the products to penetrate more effectively and seal in moisture, whilst the braids act as a barrier to keeping that moisture locked in.

However, this does not mean that we can skip out on still keeping up with a solid LOC regimen. You must ensure those tresses are still being attended to accordingly for optimal hair health.

2. Low manipulation & tension

Braids are great for giving your coils a break. As your tresses are wrapped and tucked away, this means less manipulation, tension and breakage from external agents. When going to the salon, we advise making sure that you ask your hairdressers to not braid too tightly as this will lead to excess tension.

3. Great for length retention

As your natural hair is tucked away, it is being protected from external agents that vary from chemical, physical and environmental factors. Thus, allowing the hair to be left alone and increasing the likability of length retention and growth.

4. Lower maintenance

Just because they are lower maintenance, doesn’t mean that they don’t need to be tended to. Remember, a protective style is only protective if you implement a solid LOC regimen and clean the scalp fortnightly (at least).

5. Simply stunning

There are SO many gorgeous variations of braids! Box braids, Ghana Braids and Senegalese twists to name a few! Why not revamp your style and keep those curls, kinks and coils protected during winter too?!

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