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Small Satin Scrunchies

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Great product. Good hold, my curls last for days

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Soft and defined curls

This product leaves my 4c hair soft and defined. No crunch, no residue

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So far so good

Love this shampoo, had really good results on my scalp which is prone to itchiness and dandruff. Quite liquidly so doesn't last as long as the conditioner but looking forward to the coconut mint range becoming 1l bottles at some point.

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Smells great and has a great slip!

Overall, I’ve loved the leave-in. It helps keep my curls hydrated. I even got my husband who has longer hair than me to use it to help with his tangles on wash day!


African Citrus Superfruit Hair Oil

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Trying to decide which oil you want to start using on your hair and scalp next? Pollution, stress and a build-up of quick-fix styling products all impact on the quality of our hair.

We bring you a truly nourishing hair oil without silicones such as cyclopentasiloxane. Instead, this concentrated hair wellness blend is fortified with fruit oils of Tangerine, Papaya, Avocado and Watermelon, helping your curls retain moisture, whilst enveloping each strand in an invisible, non-greasy, protective layer. It leaves curls feeling softer and shiny while giving off the sweetest, invigorating scent found in no other hair product.

This concentrated blend is made with African Saharan plant oils of Jojoba, Kalahari, Crambe and Baobab, prized for their antioxidant richness and UV-protective properties to restore hair's natural sheen. An essential for daily curl protection. 

“Wonder oil. This oil is amazing. I've used it as a pre poo, I've used it for the LOC method and for my scalp massage and it literally works well with every situation.'' — Customer Review

  • As a multi-tasking hair saviour, it can be used as an overnight hot oil treatment, a pre-poo treatment, a frizz taming serum and it also works brilliantly as a defense against damages caused by the sun, sea and chlorinated water.

    1. SEALING - 10+ Antioxidant-rich oils instantly seal in moisture 
    2. SMOOTHENING - Enhances natural sheen to create high shine and silkiness whilst reducing frizz
    3. PROTECTING - Effective protection from harmful UV rays and heat, such as straighteners and hair dryers.
    4. PROMOTES GROWTH - Vitamin C-rich fruit infusion balances and purifies the scalp
    5. BALANCING - Naturally soothes dry and itchy scalp
    6. The perfect multi-tasking formula for dry, dull, and damaged hair and scalp

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Angela B.
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Super Hair Oil

Beautiful smelling oil, not too greasy. Absorbs well into the hair. Will definitely order again.

abigail s.
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Superfruit oil curl cream

Brilliant! My curly dry hair is bouncy and soft, not at all crunchy. The best product I have found and I have tried loads.

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Best Hair Oil - Ever!

I’m a product junkie and so I speak from a wealth of experience, when I say this is the best hair oil I’ve found. It doesn’t weigh your hair down, it doesn’t make your hair look greasy and dull; what it does do is give your hair a lovely sheen and calm down any frizz plus it nourishes your hair into the bargain! I love that you get so much product for your money - I’ve decanted mine into a small empty pipette bottle so that I can carry in my handbag for a quick touch up in the day.
My suggestion to this Company is to perhaps introduce a travel size bottle as well.

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Amazing hair oil- Directions too vague- Smells a bit off- The pump dispenses too much at a time

I recently purchased this product from Ulta. I have waist length 2C to 3A curls (fine, but a ton of it) and do not color or process it it any way since I donate it every 5 years. I normally use BioSilk and it works really well, but I was in the mood to try something new and was drawn in by the Superfruit Hair Oil from Flora & Curl. I read the directions and applied the product after washing (with Kenra clarifying shampoo) and my normal (Biolage Hydrasource) conditioner while my hair was still damp. I squeezed the pump down once and a ton of product came out. So much so, that half of it dripped on my vanity. I was expecting it to be a bit thicker as an oil, but it is very watery and really runs when you get that much in your hand. Not thinking that was enough (or maybe since I lost so much while learning how much product one full pump lets out) I gingerly added a tiny bit more to my hand to make up for what I lost. Way. Too. Much. I applied it, starting at mid length and then working my way down, focusing on the ends, before using the residual amount left on my hands for the top 1/3 of my hair, especially on the drier layers near my face. About 4 hours later, at work, my hair was mostly dry, but I looked like a total greaseball. This product is clearly so amazing, that you need the tiniest amount (which I'm reading in other reviews now.) The bottle says:

"Warm oil between palms and apply unto damp hair to lock in moisture or..."

There is never a lick of information about how much should be used. It is always going to depend on your hair, but this pump dispenses way too much product at once and nothing in the directions suggest that a little goes a verrrry long way. I'd love to see a pump added that dispenses a smaller amount at a time or better yet, a dropper bottle so we can all control exactly how many drops we need for our hair.

The second time I used this product, I got it right, though it was tricky to do a half pump. My hair looked amazing all day, even when it was 93° and humid.

As far as the scent, I found that it had a citrusy smell first, but also had a bit of that 'rancid oil' smell upon further sniffs. It works so well though, that I can live with the smell.

Bottom line:
Poor directions- a little goes a very long way, compared to other hair oils on the market. The directions should reflect this.

The pump blows (though it does lock, which is nice.) A dropper would be appreciated.

Worth every penny as a hair oil, considering how little you need and how gorgeous the ingredients and package are.

Note: I did not try this product as a hot oil, massage, or prepoo. However, the initial amount I used certainly would have qualified as such. ;)

Carmel M.
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Lovely product

it smells divine and it incredibly lightweight considering the amount of ingredients in the oil. Does exactly what it should, seals, moisturises and adds a lovely shine. A little goes a long way.

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Lovely product

Nice texture and gorgeous smell -just like jaffa cakes

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Superfruit hair oil

Love it. The smell is subtle and delicious. The combination of oils gives it a soft and easy consistency without greasiness. Only a little needed. I have 4c textured hair and my hair agrees with it. Thumbs up from me!!

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Beautiful Oil

Love this oil! I use it to seal my hair at the end of styling and I use it to massage my scalp! It is super moisturising and nourishing and smells absolutely beautiful! The ingredients in this work truly amazingly together, if you wanted to try one thing from this brand. I recommend this oil for sure!

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