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Lisa D.
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Great value & smells amazing. Leaves hair hydrated. I use the spray to refresh my hair daily with a bit of leave in conditioner. The oil is amazing & a little goes a long way

Ariel P.
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Smells heavenly

I love the leave in detangler and hydration spray. Not sure how to use the oil 🤷🏻‍♀️

Georgina R.
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Forever Flora & Curl!!

My hair is improving everytime I use my Flora & Curl products!
I'm so happy I have found a beautiful range of natural products that are working wonders on my curls!
My favourite from the LOC Set is the African Citrus Hair Oil! Not only do I use it the scrunch out the crunch after using gel, I use it as a night time treatment the night before wash day and it's created so many more coils and curls in my hair, my hair is shiny and soft! Amazing!!!

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I keep coming back ‘cos it’s so good

Love these products. I first bought these individually and jumped at the chance to save some money on the trio

Rachel B.
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Epic Nourshed Curls

This LOC Set is brilliant. I use the leave-in conditioner every time I wash as well the curl activator but alternate the oil and spray. The products smell divine and are super nourishing for your curls. It gives me soft curls with the right amount of frizz gone... I like a little frizz because it's the character of my hair so I use the products sparingly and it works for me. The ingredient list hits the spot too… so if you care about what’s in your hair products then this brand is definitely for you. Epic!

Albert Z.
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Great product

Works as described

If you value your hair, you'd buy this set

THIS TRIO. Is everything.

1. I use the oil as a pre-poo and sometimes in my nightly scalp massages. I prefer it as a pre-poo. The scent is very orange-y, and while I'm not a fan of such events the oil really penetrates into my low-porosity hair!

2. The hair butter smells like the best thing ever. I use a peanut-sized amount, wet my palms, rub it onto both palms and then scrunch it into damp hair after washing. I also sometimes do the same on 2nd/3rd day hair to refresh it - I wet my hair gently with my hands and then scrunch the butter into it. Perfect!

3. This mist will always have my heart. And whenever I decide to reorder it, I will never order just one. This is a magic potion for my hair - I know they say that water is curly hair's best friend but this mist works even better than water!!

Collin K.
This is high quality stuff

I have 2c/3a low porosity and really thin curls, which are quite complicated to manage because everything builds up and nothing seems to give real moisture and this trio work very well on my picky hair. Now, let me start with the fact that the smell of these products is out of this world, and that the fact that it all comes from natural origins only makes me fall in love more with this brand. I use the butter as a deep conditioner and it leaves my hair really soft and moisturized. The oil I use it as a pre-poo and for my night scalp massages to speed up the growth process and the mist.. THE MIST! This mist is water for my hair when it feels thirsty, specially in the winter, and one tip: It's great for finger coiling those frizzy rebel curls.

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