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Flower Garden Hair Styling Butter

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 'Best Hair Butter' - NaturallyCurly Editor's Choice Awards 2018

Never worry about dry hair again with our multi-award winning styling butter which marries scalp care and haircare in one. This pink, velvety textured treat with its sweet and grounding essence of freshly picked rose petals is blended to leave your curls feeling petal-soft.

Has your hair and scalp ever said thank you? If not, this is the key to hearing your hair say those words. No, you won’t literally “hear” your hair say “thank you” but you will feel your hair say “thank you”. Treat delicate curls to a base of Shea Butter with the curl defining oil of Sweet Almond and shine promoting Coconut Oil and Camellia Oil to help curls retain all-day moisture.

It is potent, so a little goes a long way. It contains 0% water — allowing the benefits of the raw ingredients to be fully realised. Entirely made with pure, curl softening ingredients, it melts nicely between your fingertips ready to be instantly absorbed by your strands.

From dry and brittle to moisturised curls:

      • Scalp care - A botanically infused styling butter with 7 scalp stimulating flowers
      • Styling - Provides soft hold and definition to styles without being crunchy or hard
      • Real shine - Packed with nutrient-rich oils and botanical extracts to provide all-day shine
      • An essential hair butter for thick curly and kinky hair

Customer Reviews

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Lovely stuff, nice on baby’s hair

Smells like rose Turkish delight! Very nourishing and you only need a tiny dab. I use half a fingernail sized amount on my 5 month old who’s hair has been falling out and it’s made it lovely and shiny and her hair has been growing back nicely! I definitely recommend

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A little really DOES go a long way

It's the nicest-smelling of Flora curl's stuff for sure! I use it as the oil for my haircare routine, and my curls last for a long while cuz of it :)

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A little bit goes a long way!

Love this stuff. Concentrate is exactly right, you only need a pea size amount like the directions say, and it melts down into to a very nice consistency. I use it to add moisture to my hair when it's dry and to scrunch out the crunch and seal my ends.

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Turkish delight for your hair!!!

Hair feels good, smells great and with all natural products. What is not to love?

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Fantastic product

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I want to love it but doesn't quite work for my curls

This smells amazing and looks great for the first few minutes after applying but soon weighs my curls down and makes them look almost greasy - near-impossible feat, usually! Probably just not for my curl type.

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good but a little goes a long

it is good butter for styling but don't apply too much of it on your hair ,otherwise your hair will be sticky. follow it with the gel it will give good results.

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Love this hair cream. It makes your hair soft and gives it shine. It does everything it says that it will do.

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