What is my curl type?

We are all unique, with different curl patterns. What we share is our desire to have naturally beautiful curls and quality products to use on them.

Let's get a brief lay down behind the science behind textured hair. Textured hair, from loosely curled to tightly curled, is naturally dry because sebum (our natural scalp oil) has a hard time journeying down our strands, usually stopping nearer to our roots unlike straight hair where there are no curves present. This is the simple science that differentiates the needs of textured hair from straight hair.

What is my curl type?

Curl type

Source: http://whatacurlwants.weebly.com

We hope these images help you to identify your pattern, using real women with real curls. 

When it comes to natural hair no ones curls are identical. Some people have multitextured hair with a combination of 3s or 4s or 2s, either way, to maintain beautiful, happy curls requires moisture-rich, naturally nourishing products that are completely free from harsh ingredients and film forming substances. Our 100% natural products are free from unnecessary fillers, and harsh substances.

 Perfect for naturally dry textured hair types

Curl type

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