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No longer should complicated routines be a norm. We believe that your haircare products should be simple. Our range is especially designed to help you to respond to the daily needs of your curls, as it changes during the week, during the season and even as your hair grows. Discover our range of plant-powered, sensorial and effective products to help you meet your healthy hair goals naturally.

Hydrate Me


Hydrate dry strands using products that feature a blend of super hydrating botanicals, such as organic Rose Water, Hibiscus, Jasmine with Pro Vitamin-B, Aloe and honey.

Protect Me


Protect dull and weather-worn curls naturally, using a blend of plant oils rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E and anti-oxidants, including Sweet Orange and Argan Oil. External agents such as harsh weather, heat, over styling and oxidization can damage hair. Care for your curls with an extra layer of protection daily.

Style Me


Formulated to add definition, shine and volume to curls. Botanically infused with pure, curl-loving natural ingredients to deliver healthy definition.

Nourish Me


Nourish both hair and scalp with 7 stimulating floral extracts including Lavender and Hibiscus in our Root Blossom Complex™️.

Soothe Me


A gentle clay wash formula designed specifically for curls, to clarify and refresh them while gently purifying the scalp with the help of Peppermint, Lavender and Eucalyptus.