Insulated Shower Cap

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A gorgeous shower cap to beautify your wash day with increased benefits than your standard shower cap. Flora & Curl's uniquely designed, dual-purpose shower cap elevates your wash day experience instantly. It is hand-woven with love to boost hair conditioning.

The waterproof outside layer features our signature hand-drawn botanicals. The inside layer features a soft and thick insulated lining, that is deeply woven to deliver warmth and snug comfort. Your curls will thank you!

On wash day, use it in 2 ways:

  1. Shower cap / Hair is kept dry at all times, with an elasticated opening that expands and contracts for a snug fit that won't let a drop of water inside. 
  2. Heat cap / Flip it on the other side, and you have an insulated heat cap to instantly warm up your conditioning treatment.

Haircare is self-care. We are bringing you a wash day innovation. 

  • More effective conditioning treatments - Without any cords or hassle, our uniquely designed, Insulated Shower Cap increases the temperature inside the cap, encouraging the cuticles to open up quicker during deep conditioning, hot oil or other heat treatments. Your curls will be nourished and conditioned faster from the extra heat and warmth. You may enjoy the extra warmth and comfort as a bonus!

    Convenient - It is portable, cordless and lightweight, allowing for flexibility and freedom while conditioning your hair, no matter what you are doing or where you are. Travel with it!

    Re-usable - Say goodbye to easily damaged, single-use and disposable plastic shower caps and choose a re-usable shower cap. Easy to wash and easy to dry. Better for the environment.

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful & Functional

Just love the shower cap!
Beautiful design & two sided.
I may purchase a second in future.

Christine B.
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I love how it’s 2 sided. I can choose to plop some water out or let my product absorb.

Madly m.
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So great

I wanted to test the entire range so I ordered the bundle. Not a fan of the cream shampoo but all other products are so good!! My hair never felt and looked better.

Dalia A.
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Pretty shower cap

I love this shower cap. It’s pretty, pink and I love the print. Very practical and comfortable. It can be used for deep conditioning, plopping or to keep hair dry in the shower 🌿💕

Rebecca P.
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Good liked it

Giulia P.
Would you recommend it to a friend?: Yes
Very pleased

Looks great and I love that I can use both sides

Change M.
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Great cap love it

Fab product. Hair up in a second. No fuss. Love it

Catherine M.
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Exactly what I needed

I love how comfortable and useful this shower cap is. The reversible aspect is one of my favorite features. I also like how easy this shower cap is to wash. The cute pattern is just an added bonus. My only complaint is that it isn’t as water tight as an old fashioned plastic shower cap.

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