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Absolutely Amazing

I have been using these products for a couple of weeks. I had never heard of the make before until it was mentioned in a curly girl on line group. Now, I love these products. The consistency, smell and effectiveness is absolutely fantastic and the ethics are also what I’m looking for. I am so well impressed, I will be sticking with this brand 😊

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Does the job!

Nice & gentle clay wash. My hair was left feeling super clean (but not stripped), nourished & strengthened. It also had a nice shine to it.

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Amazing results!

After trying so many different hair products for curls these are just amazing! Would 100% recommend!

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Love my new Product

Very refreshing! great for 2nd and 3rd day hair

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Lovely soft fabric

Beautiful floral pattern on soft fabric. Looks lovely with all my outfits. This is why I gave the scrunchies 5*


Sweet Hibiscus Curl Defining Gel

- +

A curl defining gel that interacts with each individual hair strand to add body, control and shine. Formulated with our deeply nourishing blend of pure botanicals. Panthenol and rice protein provide extra conditioning, while pure marshmallow root delivers unprecedented slip, and Sweet Almond adds shine, leaving curls healthier, defined and more enhanced.

It is perfect for your wash & go's, twist-outs, up-do’s, ponytails, roller sets and  more. Our alcohol-free, botanical curl formula encourages instant curl and coil formation, reduces frizz, adds instant slip and softness for your ideal style! 

“I used this gel in conjunction with the Curl Activating Lotion and I was blown away by the results. I haven’t seen my curl pattern enhanced like this since months. Even after days since my wash day I still have really defined curls.'' — Customer Review

  • Distribute evenly on wet or damp hair. Allow hair to dry. A hooded dryer, or a diffuser may also be used for faster drying.
  • Can be used alone or with the Sweet Hibiscus Curl Activating Lotion for extra moisture and curl support.


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Laura M.
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The most defined curls ever!!

Love this product! Really helps define my curls with 0 frizz!!

Wendy K.
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Love this gel really light to use

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Great smell and feel in the hands, it doesn’t make the hair crunchy, and when blow-dried with a diffuser, my curls look very good!

Tamara W.
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Natural curls

The products are lovely and allow me to have natural curls without weighing them down with product that gives me an itchy scalp. It is pricey but maybe my hair is getting used to it and I’m having to use more than I will in future.

Leeanne B.
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Love it

After so many years experimenting with different brands for my curly hair, I have at last found what works and I love it.

Tracy L.
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Great fragrance

Lovely gel, hold is great, so great cast. Smells amazing

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First Buy of Flora & Curl

I found Flora & Curl whilst specifically searching for chemical free/healthier hair products. I've made the conscious choice to switch this year, to better products for my body and environment. I ordered the curling cream and curl gel, to use in tandom - two items I've never bothered with before as I was always a hair straightening girl. I'm mega pleased! I received a free sample of shampoo, which I actually gave to my mum as unsurprisingly we have very similar (albeit not the same) hair. The products I'm using, are fabulous, they smell great, feel great, the ingredients list is great! And the quantity of product as well as quality, is you guessed it...great. I will be buying again, and I would recommend (as I did to my mum) to anyone. After my mum also tried the Superfruit Shampoo, she exclaimed to me how well it washed her hair and that she wants to purchase a bottle of this for herself. She had previously been complaining that she felt her hair was fuzzy, lank and losing it's curl as she gets older - mind changed. So two new regular wavy haired customers it seems Flora & Curl, very happy. If your hair isn't naturally straight, this works.

Elinor C.
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Sweet hibiscus curl defining gel

At last at gel that works on my hair! I've tried so many other gels and been so disappointed, but not this time its wonderful

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