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My daughters fluffy hair

Good, very fast to receive, pretty packaging concentrated formula, smells great.

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This is amazing, I love the curl activating lotion. I have never found a product that makes my curls more defined and stay defined without any refresh for 4 days. Found my holy grail!

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All good things in moderation

It’s like crack for hair. When you’re injecting it into your follicles, it will feel like pure ecstasy. But get carried away, and your hair will end up washed up. I learnt the hard way. You only need two hits from the vessel, and don’t go anywhere near your roots. Do it right and you’ll have the softest, most defined hair ever. Do it wrong and your hair will be flatter than a piece of tin foil.

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Really amazing product, really light of hair and keeps it soft. Only downside is it dosent go a long way so you have to buy quite often if you have thick hair

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I have 2b, 2c, 3a high porosity, fine hair and this product works great for me. It doesn’t weigh and smells amazing. Totally recommend it


Sweet Hibiscus Curl Defining Gel


A curl defining gel that interacts with each individual hair strand to add body, control and shine. Formulated with our deeply nourishing blend of pure botanicals. Panthenol and rice protein provide extra conditioning, while pure marshmallow root delivers unprecedented slip, and Sweet Almond adds shine, leaving curls healthier, defined and more enhanced.

It is perfect for your wash & go's, twist-outs, up-do’s, ponytails, roller sets and  more. Our alcohol-free, botanical curl formula encourages instant curl and coil formation, reduces frizz, adds instant slip and softness for your ideal style! 

“I used this gel in conjunction with the Curl Activating Lotion and I was blown away by the results. I haven’t seen my curl pattern enhanced like this since months. Even after days since my wash day I still have really defined curls.'' — Customer Review

  • Distribute evenly on wet or damp hair. Allow hair to dry. A hooded dryer, or a diffuser may also be used for faster drying.
  • Can be used alone or with the Sweet Hibiscus Curl Activating Lotion for extra moisture and curl support.

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Love, love, love this gel

This is a great product, it’s a light gel so doesn’t weight my hair down. A little goes a long way, a good hold but with virtually no cast. I use this with the curl activating lotion and my curls are soft and well defined. Will definitely be purchasing again.

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A good gel but I don’t get as much definition as I would’ve liked-it seems to elongate my curls which I don’t like.I will try to apply differently & see what results I get.

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Smells great!

This is a nice natural alternative to regular hair gel. Love the smell and texture.

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Amazing product!!!

Love the smell. The hold is medium but it doesn't leave a strong cast or white debris which I love. I have really thick hair and it holds well throughout the day

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Would definitely recommend!

I’ve been using this gel for about a month or two and really love it! It’s vegan and cruelty free and made with ingredients that aren’t harsh to your hair. My hair still has some frizz to it, but it’s hard to know if that’s because my general routine needs to improve or because this product isn’t 100%. In any case, I would recommend it and am excited to try Flora & Curl’s other products.

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Amazing stuff!

Love the smell, consistency and it gives me the most bouncy, soft curls!

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Back for more

Having started with the travel size pack I’ve come back for the large curl activating lotion and gel. Both are great and work really well together. They appear to hold the moisture in my hair and keep it conditioned, I get good hold without the tangles I get from other gels.

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Great gel

This is a very nice gel that doesn’t weigh down my fine hair. It goes well with other products, but if you need a strong hold you should use another gel on top of this. However for this period of year when I’m not out and about, I prefer a medium hold since I’m mostly at home.

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