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Great product!

Keeps my scalp clean!! I love these products

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Love, love, love this gel

This is a great product, it’s a light gel so doesn’t weight my hair down. A little goes a long way, a good hold but with virtually no cast. I use this with the curl activating lotion and my curls are soft and well defined. Will definitely be purchasing again.

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It's changed my hair

Always been sceptical of curly hair products as I have never found anything that works.
Well this is a game changer. Once I figured out how much to use for my type of hair I fell in love with it. And........ I can even use my hair dryer and diffuser which has always been a no no. So am very pleased.

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Loved it!

I have been searching for an all natural product for my hair (3c) and finally found it! I use the lotion first and then apply the gel. My second day curls are just as amazing :)

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I bought it as a present for my daughter, she is thrilled with it and would use it again. Makes a lively present.


Organic Rose & Honey Cream Shampoo

This luscious, easily absorbed shampoo is what your curls have been craving for. Rich in moisturising oats, organic rose flower water and honey, and packed with Pro-vitamin B to hydrate dry and dehydrated curls while cleansing your curls.

The Organic Rose & Honey Cream Shampoo strengthens, moisturises, improves manageability and reduces breakage while delivering botanical extracts and nutrients to the hair shaft.

“This shampoo is soft and hydrating, perfect for my dry hair.” — Customer Review

“I love how moisturizing this shampoo feels on my hair, it revives my curls when I need it most. It adds a nice bouncy and soft feel.” — Customer Review

  • Wet hair thoroughly. Apply a generous amount of the cleanser to your fingertips and massage well into scalp. Allow scalp to be cleansed first, ensuring dirt and build-up is rinsed out with warm water. Rinse out, and apply more to the length of hair if necessary. Follow up with the Organic Rose & Honey Cream Conditioner for added moisture.

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It was my first time using this product and i was nervous!

This was my first time purchasing Flora & curl. I recently started my curl hair journey and i was looking for something to help my hair. I recently had a bad dye hair experience and so much heat damage , that i had said enough and wanted to get my curls back. I’ve tried everything( and i mean pretty everything that my husband would complain about me opening up a hair salon lol) and nothing worked. I was expecting miracles because i knew the way i treated my hair it was going to take time. But WOW! I want to say after maybe i week of using this my hair was feeling so soft and my curls were coming out! Now mind you it has been months since i actually used any heat or products on my hair which may be why it was fairly quick to see a change. I’m super happy with my hair and the journey we are taking! I’m very excited to see where my hair will end up in the end! Highly recommend!

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Super Impressive

Never had a product that truly works and as a result have my banging curls back!!

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It is absolutely brilliant

Recently had hair Botox which means I cannot use the typical shampoo. Came across this and it is brilliant and free from the chemicals and things that destroys the hair.

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Lovely shampoo and conditioner.

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Longterm Curly Girl

Products very good and happy with my curly results.

The pumps are hopeless and two out of three don’t work. Please do something about this.

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Organic Rose and Honey cream Shampoo

After the first use of the shampoo my hair felt moisturized and was friz free (including grey hairs which normally have a mind of their own) Conditioner was barely needed. My curls were more defined and shiny. Used on my grand daughters, excellent results leaving their hair soft and looking healthy. They live the smell.
Would def recommend to friends and all family.

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Love this shampoo

Smells amazing, leaves my scalp clean and flake free. I just love the smell so much. Not over powering either!

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Love these products :)

I have used Organic Rose & Honey Cream Shampoo for about a month now and I love it. I can really feel how gentle this is on my fragile curly/wavy hair :)

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