natural hair moisturiser winter

3 Vital Tips To Retain Maximum Moisture This Winter

December 11, 2017 1 Comment

Winter is finally here which means changing our wash routines, protective styling and moisture, moisture and more moisture. 

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natural hair moisturiser

How To Find The Right Moisturiser For Dry Natural Hair

November 05, 2017


Choosing the right moisturiser can be hard, especially for our different hair types as afro textured hair can be naturally dry. So with many different brands and moisturisers out there, it's no wonder we struggle to find which ones work best for our tresses. 

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Best Oil For Curly Hair | Best Oil For Natural Hair

How To Choose The Right Oils For Your Curls

November 02, 2017

Trying to decide which oil you want to start using on your hair and scalp next? Oils are super important for our hair care regime, keeping our tresses moisturised and locking in moisture while we LOC (Leave-in, Oil, Cream) or LCO (Leave-in, Cream, Oil). There are so many to choose from so here we've picked a few popular oils and what hair type suit which oils. All oils are also great when added to your deep conditioners for that extra goodness.

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Right Conditioner for Your Curls

How To Pick The Right Conditioner for Your Curls

October 30, 2017

It's sometimes hard to pick which conditioners to use on wash day but lets break it down. There are daily conditioners, deep conditioners, masks and leave - in conditioners to name a few. Don't forget moisturising and protein conditioners too. With all that's out there, what conditioners are good for you!

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Natural Hair Shampoo | shampoo for afro hair

How To Pick The Right Shampoo for Your Curls

October 27, 2017

With so many different kinds of products out there, it's no wonder we get a little confused and spend our hard earned money on all those new shampoos we just HAVE TO try. Well don't worry, Flora & Curl have got you covered. We're here to help with all those burning questions with our new How To Series.

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Best Herbs for curly Hair Growth

Herbs for Natural Hair: 10 of the Best Herbs for Hair Growth

October 21, 2017 3 Comments

For thousands of years, herbs have been used to nourish the scalp and promote the growth of strong, healthy hair. Here we’ve outlined some of the best choices, why they work, and how to prepare them.

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Natural hair moisturiser

The Biggest Key To Healthy Natural Hair: Moisture.

October 21, 2017 1 Comment

One of the first things you learn about on the journey to natural hair is moisture. Moisture, moisture, moisture

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Why synthetic hair products are cheaper - it's very simple!

Why synthetic hair products are cheaper - it's very simple!

September 30, 2017 1 Comment

Realising that many mainstream haircare products use timesaving techniques, Flora & Curl was created because we wanted to make a difference with haircare that was truly natural.

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The Difference: LOC vs. LCO Method for Moisturised Curls

August 25, 2017

So what is this routine Flora & Curl loves? We stand by the L.O.C/L.C.O Method! The routine every curly girl struggling with dry, brittle, dehydrated and dull strands should know. 

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