Nature - The Provider of True Nourishment.

September 04, 2018

Flora and Curl was born to cater to dry hair and to disrupt a textured haircare industry that is ruled by low-potency products and low-quality ingredients and fillers. Manufacturers are finding new ways to produce cheaply by using ultra refined and processed 'natural' ingredients in low quantities.
When I decided to return natural, I also decided that my hair would receive nutritious hair food that promoted length retention. Using my recipes, I have cut my hair again and the rate of growth continues to increase. I have always been inspired by the potent power of whole botanicals by experimenting with ingredients such as organic rose flower water, lavender water and jasmine oil, marshmallow root etc. I began researching how I could harness the power of botanicals to meet the basic needs of my naturally dry hair, which was moisture and hydration.

Healthy Hair Starts With Hydration
It does! I posted a question to my natural hair blog reader to discuss the biggest issue they continued to struggle with. The predominant issue arising from the 250+ reactions to the simple question were highly relatable: DRY HAIR. Dry hair led to breaking ends, tangles, dry scalp and stunted hair retention. There are many hair products in the market for textured hair. However, from our research we discovered that many conventional products:

  • are highly water-based (the water simply evaporates off the hair cuticle)
  • are silicone based (silicone forms a coating and provides the illusion of moisture)
  • contain a lot of glycerine (of which too much can cause the reverse problem)
  • contain highly processed, cheap oils such as mineral oil (that form a coating)
  • contain alot of un-necessaries (which turn into buildup & become counter-intuitive)

Nature is the ultimate hydrator
Studies have found that the textured haircare market is more likely to contain hazardous and risk-posing ingredients in the beauty industry. Mineral oil, a waste product extracted from crude oil remains one of the most common haircare ingredient.

At Flora & Curl, we believe that nature knows best and that your hair deserve the best, so it’s with this in mind that we create botanically active and potent formulas that are made for your texture's needs and turn your hair routine into a sensorial hair ritual. We understand textured hair, and we are transparent about wanting you to be able to understand what goes into your hair. The power to you.

'Flora' means native and original plant life. For us it means back to the beginnings. Simply put, our natural hair deserves care the way nature intended.
Naturally yours,
Team Flora & Curl


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