New Beginnings - Product Updates, Prices and Beyond.

December 20, 2017

New Beginnings - Product Updates, Prices and Beyond.

Price Alert, Updates & New Product Launches

Before launching Flora & Curl Botanical Haircare, I spent time dedicated to researching high quality, pure, and active ingredients. I knew I wanted to make a difference with a ’scalp-first’ type philosophy of haircare products, that were not watered down by fillers that would clog the scalp, low-quality ingredients that did not provide any results and harsh substances that proved even more harmful. I initially set out to produce my products so that they could be truly natural and ''affordable’’.

Unfortunately, we had high (but great!) ambitions and have come to realise that we can’t compete with large brands that are able to produce 10,000 units a day and sell for less, of course at the same time while utilising low quality ingredients to increase their margins.

In just the last year, the overall cost of these herbal ingredients increased, and I want to be able to add more value and run the business more efficiently so that we can expand and meet our wonderful customers where they are all around the world. If we are to expand, our current price would be hampering our growth.  We are continuously putting effort into giving you the best haircare and customer service experience we can. In order to survive - and succeed - we have to grow. Not preparing for the future means Flora & Curl's growth would be stunted and our customers would suffer.

Our new prices could definitely be much higher, I strongly believe that the quality we provide is of incredible value and, while it's more than we expected our products to cost back when we first launched in April 2017, we're happy we've been able to serve Flora & Curl at those initial prices to our earliest customers up to 2017 December. The adjusted prices still makes Flora & Curl a bargain in the market versus many conventional brands. Plus, we will continue to go out of our way to make sure customers are happy as we deliver attention to customer needs, and, in the instance that we can't, offer a money-back return. But I also know that the customer who wants a loving haircare experience, will continue to come back for more of where it came from.

Our aspiration will always remain to bring you more herbal hair goodness, producing products in low quantity batches regularly to keep them fresh and of course maintain the potency and integrity of our curly haircare products. Going forward: to continue pushing to enhance our product quality - with every new product, never compromising in any way on transparency, potency or integrity, or resorting to cheap fillers or watered down practices that are never in alignment with our core mission.

The testimonials that we have received since our launch this year has been incredibly heartwarming and overwhelming, and nothing close to what I expected but I know that your amazing results and experiences are what keep you coming back to us. I am so proud of our customer loyalty rate (20% of orders are from repeat customers!) and I know that many of you come back and buy in bulk for friends and family because you love the results! This, is everything we are grateful for. We have customers who've ordered from us 5 times since our launch 8 months ago. Ps: Repeat customers are always able to claim a 20% off voucher whenever they leave a review of their previous experience!

From day one, my commitment has always been for Flora & Curl to create a therapeutic haircare experience for women with textured hair like me, to stray away from the idea that taking care of curly textured hair should feel like a chore or be complicated, and to deliver a space for self care, self love, the natural hair movement and a revival of a loving ritual through each and every bottle.

These are my personal formulas. They will continue to be packed with the highest quality, most potent ingredients (mineral clays, flower and fruit oils, organic waters and herbs) and ofcourse, 100% free from artificial fragrancing and harmful ingredients often found in greenwashed natural brands. This is what truly natural should feel like for every woman who has embraced her natural curls and textures and for every woman who still wants this experience.

What's in for us in 2018 and beyond

We now ship most days of the week for orders placed before 2pm,  we am to respond to customer queries within 24-28 hours, and nothing stays too long on our shelves - each recipe is in constant movement to ensure ultimate freshness and efficacy for delivery to our customers.

We will be announcing a new stockists soon, and they have a physical retail store in London and offer complimentary worldwide shipping from their website. Can’t wait to share!

Thank you so much for your understanding and continued support in this new change. This holiday season, I wish you all the very best and, as always, don't hesitant to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.



Founder | Flora & Curl

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