Customer Curl Journeys

Read the stories from Flora & Curl customers about their curl transformation journey as they share what inspired them to embrace their curls and the lessons learned along their journeys. They also share how they have cared for their natural curls with the help of Flora & Curl.

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"I feel so much more confident in myself now that my hair looks great and is really healthy!"

...2 years down the line and Isabelle's natural curl pattern has returned and styling with heat is a major no-no! Just what we love to hear! 

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"If their mum can't embrace her curls and be confident then they will have the same negative feelings about curls."

Mum of two curly girls learns to embrace her curls for her little girls! Billie believes that loving your curls is important, especially when implementing a positivity in your children who have curls too. Young Billie always straightened her curls, not anymore!

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"I’m now 10 months into CGM and even more obsessed and in love with my hair!"

Farheen, from Mumbai India, shares her natural curly journey with us. Farheen finds the time to give her curls much needed TLC in lockdown, however experiences excess shedding due to her medication. How did she keep those curls healthy? Read more to find out! 

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"Hair is as individual as the person whose head it grows on."

Recently-turned curly girl from Newcastle-upon Tyne, UK, Sarah shares her curl journey with us. She embraced her curls during the first lock down and has since been loving all things curly haircare. An advocate for all things natural, Sarah shares her love for F&C too!

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"The journey was tough but it was worth it, I appreciate my hair so much more."

13 year old Tiffany (at the time) used excessive heat on her hair because she wanted to fit in. Years later, Tiffany finds an interest in studying all about curls and has seen her tight ringlets blossom over the years. She says she now appreciates her hair as she shares her story with us!

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"I began embracing my curls after losing my job... I've made it my mission to love myself as I am."

Meet Lucy! Postgraduate archaeology student from Edinburgh. Lucy takes us through her battle with self-love and acceptance to loving every inch of herself and her curls. 

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"I took the plunge and thought, why not? I might even like them..."

From constant heat and manipulation to allowing her curls to flourish, Brittany embraces her true self with the help of some of her F&C favourites! Are you ready to love your natural curls?

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"Lockdown gave me the time to really focus on my hair."

Emily is sharing her curl story with us and takes us through her lockdown transition. Get inspired to embrace your natural curls if you haven't already! Go natural, and never look back!

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"2 years fully natural, I haven't had an eczema flare-up."

From severe eczema issues concerning Kaisha's scalp health, to 2 years free of a volatile flare up - Kaisha shares her inspiring story of returning natural with her favourite plant-powered products from Flora & Curl.

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