"I decided to do the big chop and that was one of the greatest days of my life!"

August 17, 2021

Meet Amber from Edwardsville, IL (USA)! Amber has been natural for 7 years and is flaunting her fabulous coils. But before those 7 years, Amber was constantly relaxing her hair and experiencing major breakage. That's when she realised it was time to return natural and have a big chop! 

The Journey

What inspired you to return natural?

Hi, my name is Amber and I’m from Edwardsville, IL in the USA. I have been natural for almost 7 years now after getting tired of my hair breaking off from relaxers.

I transitioned for 7 months before I decided to do the big chop and that was one of the greatest days of my life! Like most type 4 naturals, I started off using Cantu and Shea Moisture. They didn’t seem to work so I moved up to Camille Rose and Alikay Naturals. As more brands come out, I became addicted to trying different brands for several years. But I was constantly cutting my hair due to hair breakage after trying so many products, I started narrowing down the amount of products I used.

I now only rotate between using 5 to 6 hair care brands. It has taken me this long to realize what my hair likes and my hair is in love with Flora & Curl. Flora & Curl is one of the several product brands that I have in my stash. They have helped me to learn about my coils. They have also helped me to reduce the amount of products to wash and style my hair. Understanding my hair has taught me how to fall more in love with me hair.

What were the challenges (if any) along the way of your healthy hair journey?

The biggest challenge I have experienced in my hair journey is finding products that my hair loves. But through this process, I’ve learned that my hair loves flower and fruit extracts, as well as fruit oils and medium butters. I’ve also learned that my scalp loves to stay clean. Finding the best cleansing products was the roughest challenge.

What is your number 1 curl tip?

Keep your hair sealed at all times, rather you use a butter or an oil. I use a butter/oil mix.

Discovering Flora & Curl

What made you buy Flora & Curl products? How did you hear about us?

A natural hair influencer called Tyiece.

How did you see your hair change after using Flora & Curl products?

They have helped me be able to maintain a healthy hair care regimen and see my coils more.

Which Flora & Curl product is your favourite and why?

I love the the Coconut Mint Refresh clay mask. It cleanses the hair and makes my coils pop!

What is your current Flora & Curl haircare routine?

I use the Coconut Mint Curl Refresh Clay Mask then follow up with the Organic Rose & Honey Shampoo to get all clay components out of my hair. Lastly, I use the African Citrus Bloom Superfruit Oil to keep moisture and hydration sealed in at all times.

What sets Flora & Curl apart from other brands/products on the market?

The ingredients are amazing and I just love the natural scent of the products!

They say that getting the big chop is liberating! Amber describes it as being "one of the greatest days of my life!" You have come such a long way, so a huge round of applause for doing what you needed to do to let those curls blossom! 

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Naturally Yours, 

The Team at Flora & Curl 

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