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Small satin scrunchies

Smooth and beautiful! They slide on my hair, which doesn't cause damage - exactly what I was looking for!

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Defined frizz free volume

I LOVED this foam. My curls were soft and defined with loads of volume!

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Not bad

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Lovely products

Worked great on my wavy/curly hair, didn’t leave it crunchy but soft and shiny

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What a difference!

Used all four, styling products on soaking wet hair and best results yet

"Hair is as individual as the person whose head it grows on."

April 06, 2021

Meet Sarah! Recently-turned curly girl from Newcastle-upon Tyne, UK. Sarah embraced her curls during the first lock down and has since been loving all things curly. She takes time out of her day to learn more about her hair and is inspiring her followers on Instagram. Click here to join Sarah's journey.

The Journey

What inspired you to return natural?

My name is Sarah and I'm from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, a city in the North East of England.

If I'm being really honest, the main reason I decided to stop using my straighteners was that, like many others, I was trying to find something to keep myself busy during the pandemic, and going on walks wasn't cutting it. It started with "I can't go anywhere or see anyone so why bother doing anything with my hair" and a year later, looking after my hair is something that brings me so much positivity and happiness that I could never imagine going back to regularly using my straighteners or (ironically) curlers.

Watching my hair go from breaking off and damaged to healthy and shiny has massively helped my mental health and self-esteem, it has been like I'm finally realising that my hair always had the potential for curls, I just didn't know how to take care of it.

Through embracing my hair, I have been learning about curly hair, the origins of the curly hair movement, educating myself on the important history of hair and connecting with people around the world. Curly hair is a topic I could talk about for hours and I've still got so much to learn.

What were the challenges (if any) along the way of your healthy hair journey?

Like many starting to embrace their natural hair texture, I really struggled with understanding what my hair wanted. It would react completely different each time I washed it and that is still something that I'm working out to this day. No wash day is the same, but that is something that makes curly hair so unique.

What is your number 1 curl tip?

Your curls will never look exactly the same as someone else's, stop wishing it did and start embracing your hair as it is. Hair is as individual as the person whose head it grows on.

Discovering Flora & Curl

What made you buy Flora & Curl products? How did you hear about us?

I heard from so many friends how amazing Flora and Curl products were, I needed to see if they lived up to the hype!

How did you see your hair change after using Flora & Curl products?

My hair instantly felt softer, smoother and I noticed less frizz after the first wash.

Which Flora & Curl product is your favourite and why?

My favourite products are Organic Rose & Honey Cream Shampoo & Conditioner. They are hydrating and gentle on my easily irritated scalp. I've never experienced a shampoo that actually hydrates my hair while it cleans it before!

What is your current Flora & Curl haircare routine?

Organic Rose & Honey Cream Shampoo, followed by Organic Rose & Honey Cream Cream Conditioner. On wet hair, I add the Jasmine Oasis Floral Hydration Hair Mist to add hydration, and then I use praying hands to distribute the Sweet Hibiscus Curl Defining Gel. After diffusing, I scrunch out the crunch left from the gel by spritzing my hands with the Jasmine Oasis Floral Hydration Hair Mist to add hydration. I really love the smell it leaves on my hair and how easily it helps to break the cast and add shine.

What sets Flora & Curl apart from other brands/products on the market? 

Every Flora & Curl product is completely natural, with no additives, sulphates, fillers or other nasties. You know the quality of every single product will be incredible and the scents are beautifully natural too.
On a more personal note, Flora & Curl customer service is absolutely exceptional with a really kind and helpful team that truly cares about the brand and will go the extra mile to make sure you're happy with your experience.

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us Sarah! Your transformation is simply gorgeous! Just look at how bouncy and elasticated your curls have become! WOW. 

Soon-to-be curly reader, it's time to take the plunge! Click here to read more and get inspired! Got a story? We would love to hear all about it, click here to submit your story!

Naturally Yours, 

The Team at Flora & Curl 

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