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Great hair

Easy to understand website. Great delivery and no long wait. The product is lovely, my hair feels rich and healthy. Thank you

Mini Essentials Curl Kit

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I love using this, it doesn't weigh down my hair & leaves it with much better curls.

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Fantastic Gel

Loved this gel on my very curly hair. Left a tight spiral curl that looked great!!!

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Great quality

Really reduced the frizz. Haven’t quite yet worked how to do a proper turban yet!

Natural vs Synthetic Fragrances: Everything You Need To Know!

June 18, 2020

Natural vs Synthetic Fragrances: Everything You Need To Know!

As we all know, we can have natural and synthetic fragrances. But what are their differences and how can a fragrance determine the condition of one’s hair and well-being? Well, let us break it down for you.

Our Natural Fragrances

Natural fragrances are derived from all things natural, of course! Seeds, fruits, flowers and herbs to name a few. Not only do these naturally derived fragrances smell beautiful; each natural resource we use for our fragrances will have a multitude of effects for curls and well-being. So, not only do they smell great, they are miracle workers!

When selecting ingredients for our products, we aim to provide a 100% natural and sensorial experience that is not only vegan-friendly but cruelty-free too (yes, Flora loves fauna). We ensure we have researched into each specific element and denominate any that have 0 value.

To get an idea of our fragrances and their benefits take a look at this infographic:

As exemplified, we believe in providing you with a beautifully curated sensorial experience that also has benefits for the scalp, hair and your mental/physical well-being!

Artificial/Synthetic Fragrances

Artificial/synthetic fragrances are all fine and dandy for just that. A fragrance. But they generally do not have any other purpose but to provide a nice smell and unfortunately a whole host of side effects and long-term health conditions. They are much cheaper and easier to make in the lab, hence why a lot of brands tend to opt for this option. Unfortunately, the term “fragrance” on the back of beauty products means much more than fragrance.

Here is what “fragrance” disguises from the customer – making it extremely hard to completely understand the formulation of said products. 

Some of them are used for cleaning detergents, freeze-mix and even wood furnishing polish! A lot of them disrupt the endocrine (hormonal) system and can encourage serious health-conditions that cannot always be reversed. We do not want that on our textured tresses or in our body!  

100% Natural All the Way

This is why we believe in allowing the hair to flourish, blossom and be nourished with 100% natural ingredients. Not only is switching to natural hair care great for your curls, but it is great for your mental and physical well-being too. Start questioning drug-store beauty products and delving deeper into the formulation of a product. Interested in switching to a natural hair care regimen but want to know a little more? Take a look at our 3 reasons to switch to plant-based hair care blog post!

We hope this has helped clarify the use of synthetic fragrances and their properties and how switching to plant-based regimens are the best option for happy, healthy hair and well-being!

All of our love and best wishes for those curls, from the team at Flora & Curl 🌸

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