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Would you recommend it to a friend?: Yes

Definitely recommend these, I love how my curls look

Would you recommend it to a friend?: Yes

I follow CGM (modified with wet brushing) and have tried the Pantene mousse and Aveda foam, neither of which I repurchased but this F & C foam is truly amazing. Great on wash day & for refreshes. I pair it with the F &C curl cream and would describe it’s consistency as being in between a mousse & a foam. The smell is also divine 💕

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I didn't know what to expect as I have never used a foam before so I made sure I didn't have huge expectations. Well I was wrong. I have fine, delicate ringlets that can flop at a moment's notice. This foam is so easy to use I applied after the curl activating lotion (a favourite) my hair just sucked it right up and formed some beautiful clumps . A mixture of air drying and diffusing (I get bored) and oh WOW curls look strong for once in their life, defined and standing to attention. I would like to point out that my husband commented "Wow haven't seen your hair that curly " so that's massive. This will how be a staple in my curly routine. Don't think about it just try it you won't be dissapoonted.

Would you recommend it to a friend?: Yes

I love these products! My curls look great and my hair is so much softer!

The Difference: LOC vs. LCO Method for Moisturised Curls

August 25, 2017



Did you know that Flora & Curl was born after our founder posed a question to the 3,600+ followers of her hair blog asking them their biggest hair concern was? The number one textured hair issue from 300+ responses: DRY HAIR! In addition to this, many women expressed how they did not have enough time to dedicate to daily maintenance of their tresses. 

So what is this routine Flora & Curl loves? We stand by the L.O.C/L.C.O Method! The routine every curly girl struggling with dry, brittle, dehydrated and dull strands should know. 

What sets the LOC method apart from other methods is the layering of products in a specific order to maximise moisture retention. Both oil and butter are praised for their ability to create a layer along the hair shaft that helps to prevent water from being evaporated and lost into the atmosphere, thus helping the hair to stay moisturised for as long as 2-3 days before reapplication is necessary.

The difference between the LOC method and the LCO method is simple and has to do with whether the oil or the butter comes first:

  • LOC Method -  To moisturise your hair, you would use a liquid-based product first, then an oil and finish with a cream/butter. 
  • LCO Method - To moisturise your hair, you would useliquid-based product first, then a cream/butter and finish with an oil.

Simply try both orders to see what your hair prefers best!


Our best selling, 3-Step Complete Moisture Therapy is designed to take the guess work out of your hair routine: to make it easy to moisturise your hair everyday, powered by a syngergy of naturally active ingredients that ACTUALLY work. The Therapy treatment continues to receive amazing 'GETTING COMPLIMENTS' 5 star reviews till this day!

In fact, don't forget to watch this tutorial of one of our favourite bloggers using the Moisture Therapy. Visually watch her curls come to life!

Naturally yours,

Team Flora & Curl 

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