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Small Satin Scrunchies

Would you recommend it to a friend?: Yes

Great product. Good hold, my curls last for days

Would you recommend it to a friend?: Yes
Soft and defined curls

This product leaves my 4c hair soft and defined. No crunch, no residue

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So far so good

Love this shampoo, had really good results on my scalp which is prone to itchiness and dandruff. Quite liquidly so doesn't last as long as the conditioner but looking forward to the coconut mint range becoming 1l bottles at some point.

Would you recommend it to a friend?: Yes
Smells great and has a great slip!

Overall, I’ve loved the leave-in. It helps keep my curls hydrated. I even got my husband who has longer hair than me to use it to help with his tangles on wash day!

Flower Power With Our Garden Hair Butter

July 27, 2018 1 Comment

Flower Garden Hair Butter

With discovering nature's treat to restore bounce and radiance to your everyday styles, you will never have to worry about dry hair again. Not only does this highly concentrated butter give great shine, you only need a small amount to nourish your strands and give your hair the extra moisture it needs.
This pink, velvety textured treat with its sweet and grounding essence of freshly picked rose petals, is designed to leave your curls truly feeling petal-soft. It instantly absorbs into strands to deliver the ultimate shine.

Deep Strand Nourishment

Has your hair and scalp ever said thank you? If not, this award winning styler experience is the key to hearing your hair say those words. No, you won’t literally “hear” your hair say “thank you” but you will feel your hair say “thank you”. Treat curls to a base of Shea Butter with the curl defining oil of Sweet Almond and shine promoting Coconut Oil and Camellia Oil to help your curls retain all-day moisture.  

Deep Scalp Nourishment

Root Blossom Complex is infused with a rich blend of botanical actives, antioxidants and vitamins. This unique formula is infused in a time-intensive process with Rose petals, Hibiscus petals, Lavender buds, Wild Pansy leaves and Green Tea Oil to deliver daily nourishment to the scalp to strengthen, stimulate and boost hair growth.


It packs a punch so a little does go a very long way. Unlike conventional cremes, it contains 0% water, waxes or thickeners so the active ingredients have not been stripped out — allowing the benefits of the raw ingredients to be fully realised. Entirely made with pure hair softening ingredients, it melts nicely between your fingertips ready to be absorbed by your strands.

What it does:

      • A botanically infused styling butter with scalp stimulating herbs in our Root Blossom Complex
      • Provides soft hold and definition without being crunchy or hard
      • Packed with nutrient-rich oils to penetrate deep into all layers to provide all-day shineThe perfect leave-in for protective styles, twists outs, perm rods, bantu knot outs and braids

      Flora Curl Tip: Try using this butter as a conditioner. Treat your curls to a long conditioning treatment. Softening your curls and bringing them back to life.

      As we are having amazing weather, have you tried leaving our hair butter in the fridge? Teamed with our Jasmine Oasis Hair Mist, this can wake up your curls and give them a boost of hydration. 

      Feed your hair with nature!
      Naturally yours,
      Team Flora & Curl

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      Charlene Phillips
      Charlene Phillips

      January 30, 2019

      Can this be used as a deep conditioner? Or do you have any products that can be? I usually deep condition every week after I wash my hair. I’ve just brought some of your hair products but didn’t notice a deep conditioner

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