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Gentle Fro Pick
Annette M.
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Nice comb - helps me to get more volume at my roots and separate my curls

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Styling gel

I have really enjoyed using this gel it is lightweight and non sticky. I have a wave so a lot of products can weigh it down and this doesn’t

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Absolutely Amazing

I have been using these products for a couple of weeks. I had never heard of the make before until it was mentioned in a curly girl on line group. Now, I love these products. The consistency, smell and effectiveness is absolutely fantastic and the ethics are also what I’m looking for. I am so well impressed, I will be sticking with this brand 😊

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Does the job!

Nice & gentle clay wash. My hair was left feeling super clean (but not stripped), nourished & strengthened. It also had a nice shine to it.

Would you recommend it to a friend?: Yes
Amazing results!

After trying so many different hair products for curls these are just amazing! Would 100% recommend!

Meet our NEW Gentle Curl Accessories!

April 20, 2021

Meet our NEW Gentle Curl Accessories!

Hello, hello, hello, curlfriends! We hope you have all been keeping well and letting your beautiful curls blossom with the help of our educational curl tipsblog posts and real curl journeys from our amazing customers! 

We are so happy to announce that we have very recently launched our new Gentle Curl Accessories which all pair perfectly with your favourite Flora & Curl goodies! 

The idea behind our latest launch was to ensure that we help you keep those curls supported with gentle curl tools and accessories. As curly hair is more prone to damage from manipulation, shedding, breakage, split-ends and more, we thought it necessary to delve into creating tools that would help significantly reduce these issues. So let's get right into our fabulous five and how they can help support your curls for optimal health for good.

Insulated Shower Cap

 A gorgeous Insulated Shower Cap to beautify your wash day with increased benefits than your standard shower cap. Our uniquely designed, dual-purpose shower cap elevates your wash day experience instantly. It is hand-woven with love to boost hair conditioning. The waterproof outside layer features our signature hand-drawn botanicals. The inside layer features a soft and thick insulated lining, that is deeply woven to deliver warmth and snug comfort. Your curls will thank you!

On wash day, use it in 2 ways:

  1. Shower cap / Hair is kept dry at all times, with an elasticated opening that expands and contracts for a snug fit that won't let a drop of water inside. 
  2. Heat capFlip it on the other side, and you have an insulated heat cap to instantly warm up your conditioning treatment.

Haircare is self-care. We are bringing you a wash day innovation. 

You can use it to support a heat treatment after applying either the Organic Rose & Honey Cream Conditioner or the Curl Refresh Clay Wash or the African Citrus Superfruit Hair Oil.

Gentle Curl Comb

Detangle your curls with our Gentle Curl Comb. It is a spacious wide-tooth comb with an ultra-smooth surface design to glide easily through curls. With a sturdy build and narrow tips, it safely detangles curls and coils. It is perfect for adults and children!

How to use: Divide hair into small sections. Start from the tip of the hair and slowly detangle your way up to the roots. Repeat in each section.

For best results, detangle your curls when wet or damp. It can be used after applying the Organic Rose & Honey Leave-in Detangler to soften the curls.

Gentle Fro Pick 

Volumise your curls easily with our Gentle Fro Pick. This smooth-layered and sturdy comb allows you to gently pick your curls to create extra volume and combat flat roots. The long teeth reach the roots for even more coverage.

How to use: After your curls have fully dried, use the Gentle Fro Pick to gently fluff your hair to create additional volume at the roots or tips.

For best results, you can use it alongside the Sweet Hibiscus Curl Volumizing Foam.

Vegan Satin Scrunchies

Beautify your hairstyles with our premium scrunchies! Whether you are creating a tight bun, a top-knot bun or need to tuck your curls away gently, these stylish scrunchies are just for you. Curls need to be handled gently, and conventional hair ties tug on curls and cause breakage and tangles. 

The soft and smooth material of our small and large Vegan Satin Scrunchies easily slides over the hair without disturbing your natural curl pattern. Grab it and go for any style! Each pack contains 4 stunning Vegan Satin Scrunchies.

We really hope you love our new Gentle Curl Accessories just as much as we do! If you have any questions about our newbies, please feel free to send us an email at hello@floracurl.com. We would be more than happy to assist!

Naturally Yours, 

The Team at Flora & Curl

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