Flora & Curl officially launches!

April 12, 2017

Flora & Curl Haircare | Best Natural Curly Hair Products


I am excited to announce our official launch today! I would like to take you through the journey of conceptualising and materialising Flora & Curl Haircare.

Flora & Curl was created to disrupt a natural haircare market that is ruled by greenwashing. I wanted to create haircare products made with intent, care, gentleness and potency, for truly hydrated, nourished and soothed curls.

After I outlined the key product values, the journey of creating the visuals for the products was truly beautiful. I chose the name Flora & Curl because it expressed true nature, pristine beauty and appreciation, and it signified a relationship between our hair and nature because Flora is Latin for plant life.

Flora & Curl is an expression of love and the presence of a space where hair meets nature. Flora & Curl says earth to hair, that is plant powered curls. For too long has textured hair been looked down upon and labelled with terms such as 'unrully', 'unmanageable' and 'unkept'. I wanted to create a philosophy that would inspire textured haired women to fall deeply in love with their curls in a society, and allow it flourish and blossom just as they are planted on their scalp, using the most gentle and supportive ingredients. From loosely textured curls to tightly textured curls, you deserve hydrated hair.


I visualised the logo to be simple, yet elegant. The result of our beautiful logo is designed by Nancy at @Aligneddesignco and our beautiful icon which symbolises flower-infused, botanical hydration is designed by Jonn at jonathanli.format.com.

Say hello to 100% plant inspired hydration. In creating a premium, high quality haircare line, I wanted the labels to evoke feelings of wild flora and fauna, of the jungle, of the earth. It came to light in the most perfect and visible way possible. The ethereal hand drawings of Francesca matched the ultimate vision of haircare rituals that are inspired by the beauty of the earth. 

The Labels
Having the visuals to hand made it easy for me to design the labels, place the words and descriptions for each product on the label using my Adobe Illustrator experience. I say easy, but I have worked tirelessly, noted feedback from surveying fellow naturals, tweaked here and there (many, many, times) before deciding on the finals that would merge with the botanical visual. This is the result of my work. I am highly grateful for the wonderful people and the thoughtful opinions and feedbacks from my friends and fellow curlies that helped shaped this labelling process! Thank you, thank you.

The Website
I hope you enjoy perusing through this space for Flora & Curl. It was enjoyable for me to set up this place and decorating it as the official web shop.

Welcome to Flora & Curl Haircare.

Founder | Flora & Curl

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